Advertising FAQ

If you represent an assisted living, memory care or continuing care community we encourage you to contact us so we can discuss premium listing options with you.  Below is a list of questions and answers that will help the process.

Who are you?

We are Data Focused Marketing Group LLC, owners of  Our goal is to be the focus of all senior living for our users and clients online on the web.

What do you do?

We maintain an up to date list of assisted living, memory care and continuing care communities on our website and offer premium listings for communities interested in gathering leads.

What communities do you list on your web site?

We list assisted living, memory care and CCRCs across the United States.

How do you gather leads and referrals?

For those communities that have a premium listing on, we display a red "Request Info/Tour" button next to their information.  If a user clicks on the button we request basic information (name, address, email, phone, etc) as well as a leading question "Can you afford the monthly national average rent of $4000.00 per month.  

How do I receive the leads and referrals?

We forward the information we collect above in an email to you.  You can tell us to what email you want the referral emailed to.  Once you receive the referral, you may handle it in any way you feel is best for your community.

Does having a premium listing offer me any other benefits?

Yes!  Premium listings have a potentially large quantity of media displayed to users who browse your listing.  This includes photos, text information, badges and accreditation rankings, floor plans, campus maps,  newsletters, activity calendars, dining menus, and up to three videos.

Do I have to provide all premium media mentioned above to build a page?

You do not have to.  Our design team builds a premium page for you based off of information they find on your web page.  We build premium pages for all listings on our web site in advance.  We can show you what we have available for your draft premium listing if you contact us.

Can I customize my premium page if I choose?

Yes, if there are specific photos or media items you would like displayed, we will be happy to customize your premium page to your liking.

Can I link to my community's web page?

Yes, premium listings may have a red "Visit Website" button which links users to your website.

Do you contact the referrals you collect via phone or other means?

No.  While our competitors do this, we feel it is best to let you handle the referral as is best for your community.  Thus once we send the lead to your email you are free to do with it as you wish.

How are you compensated?

We use a monthly fee framework.  Those with a premium listing pay a monthly fee and those without a premium listing pay nothing.  At the same time, those without a premium listing do not have the broad range of media displayed and no referrals are collected on their behalf.

Do you take a percentage of the first month's rent if a referral moves in to my community?

No.  Again, we only utilize a monthly fee model of compensation. We do not collect any other fees.

Do I pay for each referral I receive?

No, one monthly fee covers both the premium listing and any and all referrals you receive via email.

How do I learn more and view my draft premium listing?

Please contact us at or (603) 945-9775 and we will be happy to discuss your questions, show you your draft premium listing, and discuss if moving forward is right for you.