Home Care Info for Seniors

Home Care can provide a higher quality of life to seniors in need of non-medical care and attention when they are not ready to leave their home. In-home caregivers focus on assisting their clients with their activities of daily living (ADL's) such as going to the bathroom or maneuvering around the house. 

Home care can help with feeling independent and safe at a time when comfort is needed.  Perhaps you are recovering from an accident or injury.  Maybe you had a recent hospital stay and now need care to be given while at home.  Your own home is familiar yet your strength and security is at risk, professional home care services can really help.

What Is Home Care? home care for seniors

Home care is non-medical care for elders who are aging in place. Home care provides assistance with daily activities that include - grooming, food prep, medication assistance, and can be customized to suit your needs.

Why Do I Need Home Care?

If you are aging in place but having difficulty with non-medical tasks such as mobility, chores, meals, bathing and personal care. You may need home care. Home care can help those in need of aid with Activities of Daily Living (known as ADL).

What Are Some Signs That Home Care is Needed?

-Poor Hygiene 
-Difficulty with Mobility
-Missed Medication
-Decline in household upkeep
-Bathroom accidents
-General Forgetfulness
-Problems standing on your own
-Missed appointments 

What Is The Difference Between Home Health Care and Home Care?

Basically home health care is medical and home care is non-medical.  That is the easiest way to distinguish each type.  The lines do get blurred so consulting with your doctor and trusted family members can help you through any confusion.  

What Is The Cost Of Home Care?

While the cost of home care various state by state according to Genworth Financial, home care costs approximately $24 per hour. So, if a client needs 15 hours per week, they will spend approximately $1440.00 per month for these services.  It can be much more economic than assisted living, which costs and average of $4000.00 -/+ per month. 

Who CAN Benefit From Home Care?

  • Aging adults who have mobility issues and need assistance navigating their home
  • Aging adults that no longer drive and need ride assistance to the doctor, pharmacy, grocery store or family homes
  • Aging adults with loss of function from a hospital visit such as lack of muscle control or any motor impairment
  • Aging adults in need of companionship in the household due to isolation
  • Aging adults in need of help with activities of daily living such as, bathing, dressing, meals etc.
  • Aging adults who require help with cleaning in the home, shopping to local grocery stores and general housekeeping

Who Would NOT Benefit From Home Care?

  • Seniors in need of nursing services or medical care
  • Seniors who are in need of occupational or speech therapy
  • Seniors in need of physical therapy in the home
  • Seniors looking for security due to dementia, Alzheimer's or any advanced memory issues

How Do I Choose a Home Care Agency? choosing a home care agency

The choice of home care for you or a loved one is a step in the right direction.  You will need to find the right home care service for your needs.  There are home care agencies as well as independent services.  You will need to do some research to see what the best fit is for your situation.  Evaluate your different options and talk to a few home care services before making a decision.  Major factors for choosing the right provider is comfort, cost, and available options for your issues.  

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Home Care Service

  1. Interview: Interview your top choices. Find a few different agencies/providers, have a conversation with them to determine the comfort of the caregiving services they provide
  2. Available Services: Make sure they provide a list of services they can do for you in your home.  Be sure everything you need is something they can do and is included in the cost.
  3. Pricing: This absolutely varies from business to business.  Come to the table with a list of needed services and get a quote in writing or via email.  Also, ask if there are a la carte services should the need arise for additional help you didn't expect
  4. Dependability: Read online reviews from past clients.  Ask the agency or independent provider if there is a back-up plan for those who may be sick or can't come to work on a day your services are needed.  Unreliability can be a big problem for those trying to age in place.
  5. Comfort: This is a time in your life when you should feel comfortable with the people around you providing care.  Make sure you have that feeling when choosing a home care provider.  You will want to have strong communication with this new person in your life.  Recommendations from friends, family and neighbors goes a long way.

How Can I Find Home Care Near Me?

Start right here at FindContinuingCare.com.  Use our search tool (Find Services) to find home care in your local area.  Call the 800 number on the screen or fill out our form and receive immediate assistance for your questions.  Our services run 24/7 and are free to seniors and their family. We are here to be your go-to senior resource website.  

Whether you are looking for home care near me - senior living near me or real estate agents near me - Please visit our Assisted Living, Memory Care or CCRC sections for more information. We also have wonderful section for Learning Videos for those who prefer not to read or enjoy watching a screen. Each video is easy to understand and only about 5 minutes!  Not sure what your next step should be?  Try our free "Level of Care Tool".