Choosing Your Independent Living Unit and Transitioning to Your New CCRC

Choosing which CCRC (Continuing Care Retirement Community also known as LifePlan community) is right for you and making the transition to your new home is a process. It is best not to make a hasty decision and move in too quickly. Give yourself time to deal with the change and become comfortable with your choice. And, most importantly, keep your needs and happiness in mind when researching options.

How Do I Choose the Best Independent Living Unit for Myself?

So, you’ve decided on the CCRC that will offer you the best opportunities as far as price, care, and comfort. The next step in the process is choosing your own independent living unit. In most cases, the senior housing community itself will provide you with options for available units based on the type of contract you’ve chosen, the amount you’re paying, and other variables.

Remember that when you move into your new home, the goal is to age in place there. Think about whether you will be able to live in this unit for many years. Ask yourself if it feels comfortable and close to services you might need later or activities in which you might want to participate. Are the living quarters visually appealing and will you be happy there? Don’t choose a unit you think you will “learn to love.” Instead, choose one you already do love!

Making the Transition to a CCRC

If you have been living on your own in a house or apartment, making the transition to a CCRC may be difficult. You want to feel like you’re at home, but you may also need to downsize your living situation, especially if you’re coming from a house. Ask for help! If possible, it’s far better to get loved ones involved in helping you make the transition than to attempt to do it alone. In some cases, the staff of the facility itself may be able to help you with the process of moving. Transitioning emotionally from having your own home to living in a CCRC can be difficult too. Make time to express your concerns with those you care about.

Making a Change

Changing your lifestyle can be hard, especially at an older age. But there are many wonderful things that may come with it. Remember that you deserve to be happy, cared for, safe, and comfortable in your golden years, and for many individuals, a CCRC is the best way to achieve this kind of stability.

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