Makeup Tips for Older Women

5 Makeup Tips for Older Women

In the era of overly retouched young beauty gurus it has become immensely hard to find beauty tips for mature skin. Truth is that what has worked for you when you were in your twenties probably needs some tweaking now that your skin is showing some wrinkles. Even though we can’t remove wrinkles using makeup, putting wrong products on your skin may accentuate them and make you look even older. Growing older doesn’t mean that you need to put your makeup brushes down and by following these simple tips you can make sure that you're using makeup to your advantage. 

1. Prime your skin

Priming is a step that gets neglected by both older and younger makeup lovers. Although it's important to prime no matter your age, we find it crucial to use a primer if you have textured skin. Unfortunately, wrinkles count as texture. Primers help with the longevity of makeup making sure that it doesn’t melt off after one hour of wear-time. Keep in mind that apart from priming you should also put on a moisturizer and SPF before applying makeup. On top of  making your makeup look more polished, these products come with added benefits for your skin such as sun protection.

2. Use creams instead of powders

Cream products are much more forgiving on mature skin. As we age our skin is more prone to dryness which tends to get emphasized when using powders. Starting your routine with a cream foundation and adding some cream blush on top will make you look more fresh and glowy, whereas these products in a powder form often give a dull look. Unfortunately, powder products are more accessible so you may have to venture into some local sustainable makeup brands which specialize in cream products.

3. Don’t overdo your eyeshadow

While our skin is getting drier with age, our eyelids in turn get oiler. If you’re adamant on wearing eyeshadow you may want to invest in a good eyelid primer which will make your eyeshadow last much longer. However, our advice is not to go too hard with the pigment since dark colors will make your eyes look droopier than they are. Use lighter, more natural shadows to prevent the weighed down look.

4. Don’t forget your brows

Eyebrows are one of the most important aspects of the face, serving as a frame. If you do your makeup splendidly and mess up the brows, all of your hard work has gone to waste. The sad fact is that as we age we lose the fullness we’ve once had in our brows. Some women tend to overcompensate drawing on their eyebrows in a rather aggressive manner, but the fuller doesn’t always mean the better. To achieve a natural look, use a spoolie to brush up your brows and then go in with a sharp pencil drawing on the hair where you see fit. Be careful not to overfill them, the color should be solid. To keep your brows in place, finish it all off with a clear gel. 

5. Careful with blush

While blush will add a youthful glow to the face, it is very important to put it on in a correct way. Blush applied as a line starting from your cheek to your temple will have an opposite effect, making your skin look even more dull. The most important thing to have in mind when applying blush is that it needs to be well blended. To make sure this is the case we suggest using a cream blush since it can be easily blended using only your fingers. If you want to make sure that the color stays on throughout the day, you may dust a light layer of powder blush on top.