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9 Fun Activities for Seniors to Enjoy

Boredom is a serious issue among senior citizens, especially senior men.  In fact, many seniors suffer from a loss of identity as they age and leave the workplace or no longer have children to care for.  This, in turn, can result in feelings of depression and anxiety.  In order to combat boredom, it's important to have plenty of unique activity options and fun senior classes available to them. Read on to learn about nine fun and engaging activities for seniors that will keep them entertained and excited to wake up in the morning.

What Activities do Seniors Enjoy?

1. Interactive Games

Interactive video games like Wii Sports aren't just for kids. They can be physical games for seniors too.

These games give them an opportunity to shake up their day and participate in some of their favorite physical activities in a safe -- yet still fun -- way.

It's relatively easy to learn to play sports using the Wii or other video game consoles, and seniors will love having a new way to engage with their grandchildren when they come to visit.

2. Group Exercise Classes

Regular exercise is just as important for seniors as it is for younger folks. Exercising on a regular basis can help to improve mood and mental clarity. It's also essential for overall physical health and wellness.  

Group exercise classes are a good option for seniors who want to get active but aren't sure how to start.

Classes like yoga, tai chi, and chair aerobics are fun and safe and provide them with plenty of guidance. They also provide opportunities to get to know other seniors who share a similar desire to stay healthy and fit.

3. Walking Clubs

For seniors who want to stay active but don't love the group fitness atmosphere, a walking club can be a great alternative.

Walking clubs allows seniors to get out and explore their neighborhoods while they also catch up with their friends.

Worried that a walking club could get boring after a while? There's a solution.

Many walking clubs arrange transportation to different locations, too. That way, the group members can walk in and explore new parks and other areas that they wouldn't have access to otherwise.

4. Gardening Clubs

For seniors who love the great outdoors, a gardening club is the perfect activity option.

Gardening clubs combine fresh air and time in nature with opportunities to socialize and meet others who love to plant and tend various flowers, herbs, and other crops.

Gardening is an excellent form of exercise, too. Seniors can reap the benefits of regular exercise without feeling like they're doing a workout -- it's a win-win!

5. Book Clubs

There are plenty of other activities for seniors that aren't physical in nature.

For folks who have limited mobility or simply don't want to exercise, they can stay entertained and catch up with friends by joining a book club.

Book clubs are wonderful for stretching the mind and challenging one's cognitive abilities.

They provide opportunities for deep, meaningful discussions and give seniors an opportunity to learn about and read books that they might not choose to read on their own.  

6. Arts and Crafts

Seniors need opportunities to get creative and make something new.

Arts and crafts activities are the perfect option for seniors who love to create. They can also be good stress relievers and mood boosters for seniors who struggle with anxiety or depression.

There are tons of different arts and crafts activities seniors can try, including the following:

Arts and crafts can be incredibly therapeutic.

Some seniors might even find that they want to sell their creations at local craft fairs. This is a great way to earn a little extra income while also doing something they love.

7. Board Games and Puzzles

Interactive video games are fun, but so are traditional board games, card games, and puzzles.

These activities are fun way for seniors to engage with their peers or with younger visitors while also enjoying a little friendly competition. 

Participating in strategy-based games and puzzles also help seniors to work on their cognitive abilities and keep their minds sharp as they age.

They bring about an incredible sense of accomplishment when they're finished, too.

8. Learning Opportunities

You're never too old to learn something new. In fact, learning something new is a wonderful way for seniors to improve their self-esteem, feel accomplished, and enjoy a higher quality of life.

There are virtually no limits on what seniors can learn, but the following are some good options to consider: :

  • Learning a musical instrument

  • Learning a new language

  • Using computers

  • Learning to write code

  • Story-writing

  • Photography

  • Painting or drawing

Don't assume that you (or your elderly loved one) have learned all there is to know. There's always room to grow and develop a new skill (or skills).

9. Cooking and Baking

Last, but not least, cooking and baking are both excellent activities for seniors to try out.

Learning to cook or bake (or sharpening existing cooking and baking skills) can help to foster a sense of independence in elderly adults.

It also gives them an opportunity to exercise control over their health and nutrition and learn to make meals that are nutritious as well as delicious.

There are many meal delivery kits out there that can make learning how to cook easy and fun. Take a look at our blog for the Top 5 Meal Delivery Kits for Seniors.

Find More Activities for Seniors

As you can see, there are lots of options out there when it comes to finding fun activities for seniors.

Activity is important for seniors who want to thrive and feel their best as they age. A sense of community matters just as much, though.

Even if they have plenty to do during the day, seniors who are alone for long periods of time are still susceptible to depression and health problems.

This is why Continuing Care Retirement Communities are so helpful.

They give seniors the opportunity to surround themselves with others and engage in activities and events for the elderly. They also provide seniors with the specific level of care they need to age gracefully and on their own terms.

Use our free search tool today to learn about CCRCs in your area.