Best Hospitals To Treat Prostate Cancer

Best Hospitals To Treat Prostate Cancer

Germany, Israel, and Switzerland - this trio is a recognized flagship in prostate cancer treatment. The USA, Japan, and South Korea are also widely popular. But the therapy process is usually long and expensive. There are many unforeseen costs of consultations, tests, biopsies, surgery, postoperative care, etc. Add the accommodation of relatives at the rates of the USA or Switzerland. So does it make sense to start treatment that you won't be able to complete for economic reasons?

That is why hospitals in Eastern Europe are gaining more and more popularity. Modern Poland offers advanced methods at affordable prices. Its world-famous hospitals annually receive thousands of patients from the UK, Germany, Belgium, the USA, and Scandinavian countries. Prostate cancer treatment in Poland gives a real chance to save loved ones from a deadly disease and save from 30% to 70% of the cost of medical care.

Features of prostate cancer treatment in Poland

Leading clinics in Poland regularly get ratings of the best prostate cancer hospitals worldwide. The reason is the use of new high–tech treatment methods, a high level of professionalism of doctors, and a good organization of medical care:

  • High-precision diagnostics. The latest equipment and technologies accurately determine the nature of prostate cancer, tumor size, and the presence of metastasis.
  • Low-traumatic operations. The hospitals are equipped with a DaVinci robotic system, which increases the accuracy of surgery and reduces blood loss and recovery time.
  • Radiotherapy according to new standards. Sessions are held on new devices with an accuracy of up to 0.5 mm.
  • New chemotherapy drugs. About 200 names of medicines are available in Poland.
  • Innovative prostate cancer therapy. The latest immuno-, brachy- and targeted therapy methods are available there.

Rating of the best hospitals for prostate cancer treatment in Poland

The rating includes best hospital in Poland that have received high marks for the quality of medical care for prostate cancer patients:

  • Maria Sklodowska-Curie Memorial Institute of Oncology in Warsaw

The Institute was founded in 1932. Now it has 28 departments specializing in diagnosing and treating cancer. In addition, it is the leading center for prostate cancer and melanoma research.

  • Velikopolsky Oncology Center in Poznan

The hospital practices an interdisciplinary approach to prostate cancer treatment with the participation of oncosurgeons, oncologists, radiologists, radiobiologists, and psychologists. More than 20.000 patients receive inpatient treatment yearly.

  • CyberKnife Institute of Surgery in Warsaw

A unique hospital specializes in prostate cancer treatment using non-invasive techniques. It is equipped with cutting-edge technology, in particular, the CyberKnife device. In addition, the clinic has an ISO 9001:2008 certificate confirming the high quality of medical services.

  • KCM Clinic in Wroclaw

It is a multidisciplinary hospital with one of the highest rates of prostate cancer treatment success in Poland. It has demonstrated a high level of medical care since its opening in 2006. Today, it is the top choice for Polish patients and thousands of foreigners. One of its main advantages is a partnership with the American medical center Sanford Health. Thus, the hospital has access to world-class medical achievements.

  • University Clinic of Krakow

The hospital is trusted annually by over 75.000 inpatients and more than 380.000 outpatient patients. Doctors use the latest radio and chemotherapy developments, new immunotherapy drugs, and targeted therapy. Included in the TOP 100 best hospitals to treat prostate cancer worldwide. In addition to prostate cancer, there is available treatment for stomach, liver, and pancreatic cancer.

Prostate cancer treatment methods in Poland

Polish specialists are introducing proven methods of therapy into their activities. Both classical options (radiation and chemotherapy) and advanced ones are used in the best hospitals for prostate cancer surgery. Among them:

  • GammaKnife. A radiosurgery procedure where the doctor irradiates the tumor area locally with gamma radiation beams without touching healthy tissues.
  • Radiofrequency thermal ablation is a minimally invasive operation that involves exposing the tumor to a high temperature (60-90°C), at which cancer cells die.
  • Brachytherapy. In local radiotherapy, the radiation source is placed directly into the tumor so that healthy organs are not adversely affected.
  • Targeted therapy. Involves introducing particular drugs into the body whose action is directed exclusively at prostate cancer cells.
  • Proton therapy. Fights cancer by destroying tumors with a targeted beam consisting of microparticles–protons. It allows the implementation of the "pencil beam scanning" technique when a layer-by-layer high dose of ionizing radiation shades the tumor.
  • Lutetium 177 is a medicine that contains a radioactive substance. The drug is prescribed to treat inoperable prostate cancer with metastases. After injection, lutetium-177 detects the tumor and irradiates and destroys prostate cancer. The radius of this radiation is small, so healthy cells remain safe.

Why do medical tourists go to Poland for prostate cancer treatment?

Oncology in Poland has a rich history. It was here that one of the first cancer centers in Europe appeared. In 1932, the Institute of Oncology in Warsaw began to conduct radiation therapy for prostate cancer. Now the state invests a lot of money in cancer screening, prevention, and treatment programs. Polish specialists carry out molecular genetic tests of tumors, cancer treatment using RNA vaccines, and apply innovative types of radiation therapy.

Each hospital has its own "face" and distinctive features. But all are united by the highest level of medical care, the world's best indicators of 5-year survival and duration of relapse-free course even with the most aggressive types of prostate cancer. Here, you can find a first-class medical infrastructure and absolute comfort.