CCRC At Home

"CCRC at home" is one option you may consider if you are not ready to leave your home or if your CCRC (Continuing Care Retirement Community also known as a LifePlan community) has a long waiting list.  With "CCRC at home" you get some of the features of living at the CCRC on campus without living there.  You also probably have access to the common areas such as the cafeteria, gym, and game rooms.  Some "CCRC at home" options allow you to upgrade to living at the campus when a spot opens up or when you are ready to move.  "CCRC at home" with an entrance fee is sweet money to the CCRC.  You pay a large up front fee but take up no permanent space living on the campus.  Keep this in mind if you plan to negotiate this option.  Also ask what medical care, if any, you would qualify for with "CCRC at home".

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