Finding the Right Level of Care

Finding the Right Level of Care at Your Continuing Care Retirement Community

CCRCs have different levels of care available depending on what the resident needs. This article goes over the different types of care and other services CCRCs may offer, such as respite care.

When Touring A CCRC Try To See All Levels Of Care

When visiting a CCRC (Continuing Care Retirement Community also known as a LifePlan community) it is natural to spend most of your time touring the independent living units and the common spaces.  However, if possible, ask if you can also tour the assisted living and nursing areas.  These areas may also have their own activity calendars and meal options.  The more you know about all the areas of your potential CCRC the better prepared you will be to make decisions.

CCRC In House Medical Staff Or Clinic

In house medical staff add a big value to a CCRC.  See if your CCRC has open nurse access hours or a full fledged medical clinic with a doctor on staff.  Even if there is not an open nursing staff member, the CCRCs nursing bed staff may be able to help you in a pinch.  We know of one CCRC that could send a nurse to your independent living home for a fee if you needed a hand with something.

Intermediate Assisted Living Care In Your Independent Living Home

The typical levels of care at a CCRC are independent, assisted, and nursing.  However some CCRCs have an intermediate level where some assisted care takes place in your independent living home.  If the CCRC feels there is an advantage to allowing you to stay in independent living and you need just a bit of additional care, a CCRC nurse or nursing assistant could visit you at home from time to time to help take care of your needs.

The typical levels of care at a CCRC are independent, assisted, and nursing.

Post Surgery Respite Care At Your CCRC

You may find that when in independent living at your CCRC you need respite care after some surgery or perhaps another injury.  Ask your CCRC if you can take your respite or rehabilitation care at the nursing complex at the CCRC.  This is a great advantage if you can as you will be in a familiar environment.  Your spouse and friends can visit you and hopefully you will not skip a beat as you get well and return to your independent living home.

Some CCRCs Rent Assisted Or Nursing Spots To Non Community Members

CCRCs know that empty rooms or empty beds generate no revenue.  This is why some CCRCs will rent out empty assisted living or nursing care spots to non-community members.  Sometimes the rooms are rented out for rehabilitation stays and sometimes for more permanent stays.  More expensive CCRCs will not rent out open spots which increases the probability that an assisted or nursing care spot is available to you when you need it as a community member.  Ask your CCRC what its policy is in terms of availability for rooms/beds for assisted and nursing care.

CCRCs have different levels of care including independent living, assisted living, and nursing care. They also may offer services such as respite care and/or rehabilitation care. When touring CCRCs ask about all of these services so you can get a good picture of what your long term care will look like.