Time to Downsize

How will you know it is time to downsize?

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Should you Downsize When you Retire?

Many older adults find that the home they have lived in for many years, even decades, although comfortable and familiar, has become burdensome or inconvenient. Even knowing that, what are the signs that say it is time to take the step to downsize into something smaller and convenient?

Making the decision to move will be one of the biggest decisions you will make. It would be easier to stay in this home than try to think about what to do with all of the stuff that has accumulated over the years. We never know how much stuff we have until we start to go through cabinets and closets. For most people, this is just too overwhelming to even think about, so they stay put and thus, it becomes a vicious circle.

Does Downsizing Make Sense?

For some, the choice to move is the only thing they can do. The home has become too large to take care of and the upkeep is now too much. The yard is getting out of control because they can’t do the yard work like they used to. In the winter it isn’t safe to shovel snow or walk out to the mailbox. Household maintenance may have gotten more difficult than it used to be. If something breaks, they need to find someone to fix it or ask a family member to help.

Some may live in a two story home and what do they do if they can’t go upstairs to their bedroom or bathroom any longer? That can be a big problem.

Many people who have lost a spouse or the children no longer live in the family home, feel lonely and desire to be around people again. If they no longer drive, they will have to rely on someone to take them places. Moving into a retirement community can help with the loneliness because of all the new people that they can get to know, along with all the activities they can participate in.

Some folks have a hard time finding things in their large home. This doesn’t mean that they have dementia but maybe that they have too much stuff, much of which they no longer need.

For many people, now that they are retired, the large home that was perfect when they were working and raising their families, is no longer affordable. The mortgage or utility bills may be increasingly difficult to afford now that they are no longer working. Selling the large family home may prove to be a stress reliever.

The decision to move into a smaller home, or to a retirement community, can be a difficult one but for many it is the only option for safety and convenience. A person should give themselves 6 months to a year to downsize their things. It might prove beneficial to hire a Professional Organizer that can help move exactly what is needed and get rid of what is just unnecessary baggage. With help, this process can be as painless and stress free as possible.

Article written by: Melody Scoble, Residential Admissions Coordinator

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