Improved Finances, Longevity: Why You Should Consider Marrying In Later Life

While comparing later life marriages to first marriages, senior couples generally have less arguments and are better at problem solving, Time reports. If you’ve found love in later life, marriage can be a positive step that improves your life in a number of ways. Not only does getting married provide couples with an improved financial situation, but it can also extend your longevity, too. 

 Financial benefits

Getting married in later life can help create a healthy financial situation for both parties. In particular, you can benefit from combined incomes, as well as profit made from either renting or selling one home. There’s also tax benefits as married couples are eligible to give an unlimited number of assets to their spouse without the need to pay estate taxes. Tax benefits also exist for married couples with IRAs. Keep in mind, however, it’s important to discuss your financial situation (including, assets, savings, and liabilities, as well as credit reports) with your partner before deciding to get married. If your partner has debt, for example, it’ll still be a concern in your marriage even if you decide to not be at all responsible for it. In this case, then, devising a debt management plan together is an ideal solution. 

Plan a meaningful wedding ceremony

Your wedding is a special day centered around celebrating your love and making your relationship official — whether that’s with all your friends and family or just your and your beloved. In fact, some couples opt for an intimate wedding ceremony with just the two of them (as well as the officiant), and celebrate with loved ones at a later date. Wedding rings are also another key consideration for making your union as meaningful as possible. As a symbol of unbreakable and lifelong love and commitment, your choice of wedding rings should suit your personal styles and be something you both love wearing everyday. A pair of matching couple’s rings, for example, can be a stunning way to celebrate your love — particularly if you both have similar tastes.  

Enjoy a longer lifespan

A study in the American Journal of Epidemiology found marriage can even help people live longer. The study looked at over 90 previous studies of 500 million people and found that risk of death was 23% higher for single women than married women, while risk of death was 32% lower for single men compared to married men. That means, as a worst case scenario, single women may die between seven to 15 years sooner than married women, while single men may die between eight to 17 years sooner. It’s thought the longevity enjoyed by married couples may be down to a host of differing factors, including higher income, better health benefits, and better access to public assistance and social support. 

Marrying in later life can be a wonderful experience for many. Financial benefits, a meaningful wedding ceremony, and a longer lifespan are just some of the advantages senior couples can enjoy after getting married.