Independent Living Home Styles at CCRCs

You will find a range of home types at CCRC (Continuing Care Retirement Community also known as a LifePlan community) campuses for independent living.  Condominium or apartment style is popular as you and your neighbors are next door to one another inside a large master building.  (There is one CCRC in New Hampshire that has all condos and all common areas inside a huge 300,000 square foot building.)  

Duplex homes and stand-free homes are also common but can come at a premium.  Such homes afford you the ability to have a small yard where you can do planting and relax outside, perhaps on your deck.  Technically, as the CCRC owns all the land, you don't have your own personal yard, but in practice people living in home-style units tend to stay in their own practical yards unless invited to another yard for a visit.

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