Living Abroad in Old Age: Learning to Overcome the Language Barrier

Living Abroad in Old Age: Learning to Overcome the Language Barrier

Living abroad in old age can be quite challenging as the major issue that a person faces is related to overcoming the language barrier. Still, things are often not as dim as they may seem because people turn to their prior experiences and approach this life in a totally different way. Contrary to popular belief, it's always possible to learn a foreign language in old age and find various solutions that will make you feel better. Since the majority of people living abroad will communicate with their age group, they will not feel much pressure as there will be body language and an exchange of natural skills and tips since there is no hurry to learn and a different attitude. 

Living Abroad in Old Age: Learning to Overcome the Language Barrier 

- Do Not Lock Yourself! 

The most important is to avoid locking yourself up both physically and emotionally. When you are living abroad in old age, you are simply in another land where people speak a different language. At the same time, it means that they are still happy to learn and want to share what they know. It is especially relevant for the seniors in the Middle East who will go to great lengths to help you learn as they share their customs and do their best to learn your language as well. Therefore, do not lock yourself up, and keep your heart and mind open! 

- Participate in Expat Gatherings! 

It is not often mentioned, yet you can focus on expat groups in almost every country where you can still speak your native language and exchange helpful tips as you overcome the language barrier. It will make you feel better and will take away the element of being disconnected and lonely. Take your time to speak to the cultural centers and do not be afraid to share what you know! 

- Consider Language Learning Apps! 

When you need to get over the stress of explaining yourself to a foreigner, you can always use your phone by installing the famous Speak and Translate app that will instantly translate what you want to say. There are also many other solutions where software localization services have been used to create a multilingual interface, so you can see what works best for you as you also learn the language. Alternatively, you can consider Rosetta Stone or HelloTalk to find people who share your interests! 

- Community Work and The Youngsters! 

Do not forget about doing community work based on your age, physical resources, and existing skills. One of the best ways to overcome a language barrier is to spend your time with youngsters who will show a natural child interest in teaching you and help you find the right words as you start learning. It is the great connection between the old and the young that will help take your language learning to another level. You will also feel much better emotionally! 

- Use Your Professional Skills! 

Another great way to learn how to overcome the language barrier is by using what you can do well. Some people will share their cooking skills by baking cookies or having a delicious dinner to share with foreign neighbors. Others will show their healthcare and medical skills or even teach the local youngsters how to play a musical instrument. Do not be shy to show your skills as it will help you to integrate and become a part of the global family. 

- Never Too Late to Learn! 

Remember that you can always learn new things even when you are living abroad. If you have always wanted to join a community of fellow carpenters or want to take your time to learn how to paint pictures, it’s high time to consider it. At the same time, you can join one of the free English instruction courses abroad based on what you want to learn. If some things will seem overly complex, it’s always possible to consider TopEssayWriting as a great solution as you discuss your challenges with an expert and structure your ideas in a better way. It will help you to stay in the learning mode and approach overcoming the language barrier differently! 

- Consider Social Media and Vlogging! 

If you want to spend more time alone and have some peace while living abroad, it’s always possible to implement video blogging and social media as you explore the country and just travel at your own pace. When you get creative and explore, you are also slowly overcoming the language barrier and choosing your unique learning methods. As you share in private and public social media groups, you can meet new people and learn how to form your thoughts. Since there is no pressure, your learning process will feel so much better!

What Does Neuroscience Tell Us? 

Before we hear about teaching an old dog the new tricks proverb, let's approach neuroscience and a phenomenon that is known as neuroplasticity or a person's ability to memorize and research things. There is a different approach among senior people to learning anything because they have more experience and usually implement a much larger vocabulary. The dialogues and expressions among seniors are also different, which is why their learning process will be more demanding and different. Since one will strive for specific language constructions, they will be able to learn more, thus helping themselves around in various situations. Another important point is the recognition of different accents, which comes naturally for a person as they are more attentive and know how to deal with various body signs and verbal tonalities. Therefore, it's a matter of a person's experience and the natural readiness to accept and process things!