A Loving & Joyful Home

Citrus Heights, CA - Assisted Living

Community size: Small (1-10)

A Loving & Joyful Home is a premier assisted living community in Citrus Heights, California. It is within enticing Sacramento County which is part of the Golden State.

A Loving and Joyful Home provides full-time residential care for clients aged 65 years and older. We care for clients who can no longer live on their own, who have physical disabilities, and who live with symptoms of mild dementia. We also offer hospice services. Bedridden patients may be accepted on a case-by-case basis.

Seniors deserve to live their lives to the fullest while maximizing their independence. We provide them with a warm and secure environment, as well as a wide range of care services, to ensure that are well cared for. With us, their comfort, happiness, and overall well-being will always be prioritized.

We want to always make sure that our residents feel safe and comfortable under our care. This is why we have state-of-the-art amenities, equipment, and supplies in our home-like facility. Each resident’s needs are met with the help of our caring and compassionate health professionals and staff members.

For our residents’ stay to be the best possible experience, we provide them with the following:

  • Safe and healthful living environment
  • Four large private rooms
  • One spacious master bedroom available for couples
  • Three nutritious meals and snacks daily
  • Special diets if prescribed by a physician
  • And more
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