Hale Nohea

Honolulu, HI - Assisted Living

Community size: Small (1-10)

Hale Nohea is a handsome assisted living community in Honolulu, Hawaii. It is within appealing Honolulu County which is part of the Aloha State.

Hale Nohea is a 7,000 square foot single-family residence centrally located in East Oahu. The home sits atop Maunalani Heights where 300° sweeping views of Diamond Head, Kahala, Palolo Valley, Downtown Honolulu, Koolau Mountain Range, Waianae Range, lush gardens, and the ocean are present from picturesque windows. Each room has its own stunning view, its own ambience, and the warmth only a home can provide.

On the first level is the resident and garage entry with stair and elevator access to all floors. The main entrance for guests and visitors is located on the second level. This is also where the common areas including a living room, dining room, game room & library, office, and kitchen, where the majority of daily activities take place, can be found. Three resident rooms are also located on this level and reserved for our non-ambulatory and expanded residents.

The remaining bedrooms are located on the third level. Our residents have the option of taking the stairs or elevator; however, a staff member always assists any resident when ascending or descending in the elevator or stairs. Safety gates are at stairway entrances to ensure the safety of the residents.

During the day, residents are encouraged to remain together on the second level for meals, various activities, exercise, and rest time. After dinner, staff escort residents to their private rooms where motion sensors and video surveillance assist staff in continuous monitoring. Hourly checks throughout the evening and night are also preformed.

Hale Nohea also has ample areas to walk in our large gated secured patio and garden. Walking, croquet, Bacci Ball, and gardening are just a few scheduled outside activities residents are encouraged to enjoy.

Hale Nohea is an exclusive memory care home, dedicated to providing your loved one with exceptional personalized care, stimulating activities, and round the clock assistance, in an understanding and loving environment. We are an all-inclusive luxury Expanded Care Type II Adult Residential Care Home exclusively serving eight residents.

​Our Goal is to provide a caring environment for those with Alzheimer's or Dementia related disabilities with the utmost understanding, safety, respect, patience, acceptance, and friendship.

Our Philosophy is to provide a healthy environment and a wellness of being with joy.

Who we best serve: Hale Nohea focuses on Alzheimer's and Dementia related residents in all stages.

The stages of Dementia that our Residents experience in our facility are closely monitored and frequently evaluated. Because we are licensed for Expanded Care, we are able to accommodate for end of life care. We work closely with both the families and hospice to create the most comfortable and peaceful environment for this transition. Our goal is for our residents to "age in place".

Each Care Home facility is allowed up to three Expanded Care Residents. We reserve these slots for current Hale Nohea residents so that we are able have end of life care available to them. Therefore, we strive to only accept Care Home Level Residents. Should relocation be necessary due to advancing stages of illness and limited Expanded Care slots, we offer full assistance in finding the appropriate resources and placement for your loved one.

The value of our facility at Hale Nohea is our caring and highly trained staff. Each staff member is qualified as a Nurse Aid or Certified Nurse Aid and further trained in Alzheimer's and Dementia, and understands the transition and experience of memory loss. Our residents are not alone in their changing needs, but rather have caring partners aiding in all aspects of their daily life.

Our staff understands that this experience is a partnership. Because of our high staff-to-resident ratio, all staff will be cognizant of residents' personal life interests, former occupation, travel, family, and activities that bring meaning into their lives. Families are encouraged to share these life experiences so that staff can further a connection by engaging in conversations surrounding fond memories.

Hale Nohea is an Expanded Care Home and therefore, we require our staff to take fifteen additional hours of State of Hawaii approved continuing education. This requirement of all staff members is to ensure they are knowledgeable and trained with the most current methodology and standards when giving care to our residents with Alzheimer's or Dementia.

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