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How do you see yourself spending your retirement? At Lexington Square, we do things a little differently. Our residents don’t sit around all day unless they choose to. They get out into the community and engage in activities that they like to do. Trips. Programs. Games. It’s all here. We help our seniors by not only providing quality, personalized care, but also by offering a plethora of amenities to make everyday fun and exciting. If you’re ready to leave behind the burdens of your old life, a new and invigorating lifestyle is here waiting for you.

You can find our quaint senior living community in Lombard, IL, a suburb of Chicago. Our continuing care community (CCRC) consists of both independent living apartments and assisted living apartments along with memory care services to meet the unique and changing needs of our seniors. Here at our Lombard community, residents have the option of 14 modern apartments to call home. These apartments are stylish and feature all of the amenities you need for relaxation and comfort.

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Video Transcript

Title: Pauline Bonze Testimonial
Time: 2 min 3 sec


“The first time I came here, I figured, ‘Oh no – I can’t afford this.’ That’s what people don’t realize. If they would sit down and see what they’re spending on their home (they would see) that it’s not that expensive to live at Lexington Square. You don’t have to pay separately for art, or the exercise classes, or the food, or the telephone, or the TV, or the housekeeping once a week. Everything is included.”


the first time I came here I i just figured photo I can't afford this that's when people don't realize they would sit down and see what they were spending at their home it's not that expensive you live in Lexington square I love the building it's like living in a wonderful motel I live 48 and half years in my home and I had so many treasures I couldn't part with them came with four boxes like this and above this high and my wardrobe whatever you had at the basement that you thought you needed any gonna from somebody or else one of your neighbors will help I was very active in from my house I would go here pharmacol ther must be 45 now is for these classes 55 of these you come here you don't have to pay separate for arch or the exercise classes or the food or the telephone or the TV or the housekeeping once a week everything is encoded I love Tai Chi with Tai Chi you breathe to do one thing and exhale to do the other thing it's engaging your mind with your body this is enlarged the heart so when I came here it was very easy to because there are just so many people here you don't have to go to some place in order to meet the people are right here all you have to do is smile hold out your hand and that's how things happen here my daughter said mom what you have to leave to go some place yourself in a Mormon because you always stop and talk to somebody along the way if I have decided three years earlier the way I decided three years later I wouldn't have any trouble at all I would've been here six years now and I love it I'm very happy

Video Transcript

Title: Eleanor Dvorak Testimonial
Time: 2 min 5 sec


“I certainly enjoy going to the dining room. I pick up the menu and order. When I’m through eating I think, ‘Hmm, I didn’t have to shop. I didn’t have to cook. I don’t have to do dishes. I like this. This is my style!’”


I had to have surgery and I have an excellent excellent doctor he said to me well you have a two-story house you won't be able to drive and you won't be able to get coffee shop and cook my answer was oh and so I started looking I made it a real project to find something that I would be happy at I dislike moving intensely one of the day I moved in they had unpacked me my kitchen was all set up my bathrooms were all set up and I was all set to move in that day the staff is so understanding and considerate and always looking to see what they can do for us it's it's reassuring and they have been so helpful to me in time of need I certainly enjoy going to the dining room just pick up the menu and look at it and order it and then and I'm all through eating I think who didn't have to shop I didn't have to cook I don't have to do dishes I like this this is my style if someone comes in and they're sort of alone someone will always ask them to join them and we try to make our new residence of comfortable so they don't feel like they're strangers love each other and it's a great feeling and I know so many people always say they're never ready but I was ready and I encourage folks to accept that and move on or we're not getting any younger

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