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Central Baptist Village is a not-for-profit continuing care retirement community with more than a century of dedicated service in caring for older adults. Located on a beautiful 10-acre campus just outside Chicago, in residential Norridge, Illinois, residents can choose from a diverse range of programs and activities, a full array of services they can customize to their lifestyle and a wellness philosophy focused on creating an overall sense of well-being.

Our team approach supports residents and their families through the transitions of aging. We offer on-site independent living, assisted living, memory support care, skilled nursing care and short-term rehabilitation. Residents enjoy enhanced independence and greater peace of mind knowing health care needs are based on a personalized plan and delivered within a community of friendship, faith, and family.

Central Baptist Community’s mission embraces a full range of human needs that pertain to older adults and is limited only by our imagination, our skills, our resources and our willingness to carefully risk meaningful change. Our team approach supports residents and their families through the transitions of aging. We offer on-site independent living, assisted living, memory support care, skilled nursing care and short-term rehabilitation.

The care of our residents is much more than comfort, safety, security and good healthcare. It must attempt to create a balance between providing care to our residents and dealing effectively with people and situations of the world around us. This includes growing in spiritual wholeness and understanding the meaning of life, aging and death. We strive to promote quality of life through stimulating healthful lifestyles and interest in continued personal development, recognizing personal limitations and independence.

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Video Transcript

Title: How We Make A Difference
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How Central Baptist Village makes a difference to its residents


I Marjorie Haines and my mother's name is Louise sour and she's a resident at the central baptist village my mom who is going to be 98 this year she had surgery and after her surgery should we needed a place to place her and there happened to be a opening here there was a lot of commotion going on at that time when we needed to find a place for mother to come through my sister and I tried to take care of her at home and as we get older our bodies tell us my you know we just can't do it anymore it was a lot of stress not only physically but just mentally trying to take care of her and make sure she was safe and now that she's here we have that relief it's like lifted off your shoulders that she is in good hands here they're always looking after and she's being well taken care of when we first were interviewed and talked to admissions people they made you feel like family and they continue to do that the whole time we've been here we also wanted to make sure that there were activities from my mouth because one of her main issues is her memory and they have so many crafts and just things that she can do bingo which she loves to go to bingo and she's a big winner all the time right she's been she's been to Paris she's been to a carnival I'm trying to pay Hawaii they'd had a Hawaiian luau so things that she has experienced here she just loves she has her little routine in the morning she gets up gets washed brushes her teeth combs her hair they go to breakfast come back they go to pretty nails club she gets her nails done and it's a regular routine and she likes it moving mother into the central baptist village has given mother a second life it's a life that is different than the first life she had I'm sorry it's just that it makes me so happy to see her happy here it makes us feel good that she's happy here and the most important thing at this time in my rounds life is for her to be happy great and central baptist village has made her happy it didn't made a big difference in her life and our life yeah

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Title: Central Baptist Village
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my mother's unique individual in that if she meets you she loves you she doesn't even have to know your name and she sees a crowd of people and she wants to be in that group most people avoid crowds not my mother she's going to be there she's absorbing all the energy from that crowd she's very independent and I just respect her as as the person she is that's mine your son right my son yeah my mother moved in with my wife and I but she still wasn't quite happy because you know living with somebody else is living with someone else and she wanted her own place so we started out on the journey to find a retirement community for her and we'd already decided on another place but someone approached me in church and told me about Central Baptist village so my mother and I came for lunch one day and my mother met some residents of Central Baptist village and she had a positive experience and she made the decision during that lunch she said I really like it here and I'd like to move in my mother has lived at Central Baptist village for three years and I would have to say I think she's loved every moment of it I'm very satisfied with the activities of central babies I mean the activities go all through the day and sometimes don't ended eight or 830 in the evening which is wonderful and that was another consideration because many retirement communities have activities that end at two or three in the afternoon but I wanted my mother to be active I want her to be involved in more things I'm comforted to know that if my mother's needs change and she requires more care that you would be able to move to another section of central baptist village and remain at her home and received that care central baptist village is no doubt the best retirement community in the chicago area when I go home I don't have to worry about her I know I know that she's gonna have the best care I know that if she has needs if she has a problem those problems are going to be addressed it gives me great you

Video Transcript

Title: Mom loves independent living. Daughter can rest easier.
Time: 2 min 6 sec


It’s the kind of senior living that all of us hope one day we can have.


very good with the white glove test and you guys pants all the time you pass I always knew that when the time came to actually move from my home that I did want to go into a senior facility but I wasn't really ready at that time I really wasn't and the transition was a little hard at first there were a few nights I had where I cried I even though my children were always backing me up I still felt a little bit alone but I had a lot of new friends and administration from top to bottom has been great to now make a decision on what what facility is going to be keeping her the most happy it's hard to because that their responsibilities weight on my shoulders and that's why you guys are so special because I didn't have to think about it anymore it was a done deal in my head the decision was made by walking in here everything is here for you health-wise safety I'm into a lot of the word games I do that and I'm bingo girl who wins a lot my mom now has a retirement that is free of shoveling snow and cutting grass and worrying about the furnace and the plumbing and the electricity her time to herself now this fun it's truly hers it's the retirement that all of us hope one day we can hang up and I've made some really close friends we've already started our own little group in the hallway after dinner on occasion and it's just last time if anybody ever puts us it on camera you're gonna be quite surprised that our conversations but it's fun it's fun you



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