Topeka Presbyterian Manor

Topeka, KS - Assisted Living, Nursing Home, Independent Living, CCRC

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Nestled in the Kansas capital city, Topeka Presbyterian Manor offers seniors a continuum of senior living in Topeka, Kansas.

Our 17.5 acre campus in northwest Topeka offers a full continuum of senior living, with independent living, assisted living, health care and short-term rehabilitation. Accommodations range from duplex units and private apartments to skilled nursing suites.

Residents enjoy an array of amenities including "pet-friendly" accommodations, carports for apartment residents, dietitian and personal care services. In addition to a beautifully landscaped campus featuring a walking path and fishing pond, independent living residents are invited to tend their own gardens.

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Title: I made the decision.
Time: 2 min 44 sec


I made the decision.


it's very hard to move from your home because you don't want to give up anything but I made the decision on my own most of the time children make the decision for the parents but I didn't my daughter came with me to look the place over and then after I decided this is what I I picked out to you and when I decided those two then I brought my son over and my son said I think this is where you need to be because they are so friendly and the hallways are nice and wide the other one I looked at right if two walkers were coming facing each other then they had to stomp because she couldn't pass each other I brought everything I wanted to bring everything just fit just perfect my son came over and someone's text and don't put that in there why didn't we do this a long time ago I'm Andriy that's what I am I visited everyone in town yeah I did but I heard it down to two and then I had my son help me decide and you know what was so neat about all this I told Jerry this one of the studio and [Music] she said well she didn't know how long it'd be before one would be available but anyway I said well I don't know if I can say this on the air and I I told her I said well I'm gonna be praying because I don't want anyone to die and I don't want anyone to get sick to get my apartment and it neither when I'm dead a lady just backed out decided she wasn't gonna move here I think it's what happened and I gave her get my Sunday gave her a check on Thursday and she called me the next Wednesday and said she had a place for me that quick well that's just special I mean you know he put it in his hands and he just takes over

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