Trinity Station

Flatwoods, KY - Assisted Living, Nursing Home, Independent Living, CCRC

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What will you do when you can’t live by yourself? By choosing to enter Trinity Station, you are making this critical and important decision yourself, thus relieving your children or some other family members from having to decide “what to do” when that time comes. There are few things in life more important to all of us than being able to decide for ourselves these crucial questions: “What are the important life style decisions that I need to make as I face my future?” “Will I someday need help in daily living activities?” “What can I do now to prepare for that day?” We are here to help you with those decisions and how you deal with what life brings you in the future. We are committed to bringing you the kind of living you expect, having worked so hard to get it. We are truly excited to bring it to you, and we hope that you truly will enjoy the “Best” of you life here at Trinity Station Retirement Community

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