The Discovery Care Center

Hamilton, MT - Assisted Living, Memory Care

Community size: Large (26-100)

As the premier assisted living, memory care and skilled nursing facility in Hamilton, Discovery Care Centre provides compassionate and personal skilled care 24 hours a day. We specialize in providing rehabilitation services onsite to help our residents regain their independence and return to their homes.

Assisted Living offers independence with a range of amenities to meet individual concerns and cares to keep residents safe and independent.

Discovery Care Centre is pleased to offer our uniquely designed unit to meet the needs of those with Alzheimer's disease, other dementias, and memory impairments. We provide that transitional step where staying at home might no longer be safe but do not need all the services that come with Skilled Nursing care.

Skilled Nurses are staffed 24/7 to provide quality care when you need it. Our Nurses are not only caring and genuine, they individualize their care to each resident.

Our nurses work closely with the resident and family to create a comfortable routine with individualized cues specific to the residents diminishing mental processes. We strive to give the resident an environment that will suit their safety and comfort needs.

At Discovery Care Centre we strive to maximize the quality of life for our long-term care residents. We have a specialized restorative program that is included in the room and board. As a team the therapists and nurses will develop a specialized plan for each individual resident.

Our rehabilitation team is committed to results, and improving our resident’s quality of life in and out of our facility. We strive to increase resident’s independence through individualized programs and goals. We highly encourage family to participate in, not only the therapy program, but other training and education provided. This will help our resident achieve their goals.

We have an experienced Physical Therapy team that works with individualized goals to achieve the resident’s highest level of independence possible. Our physical therapists will identify areas of physical impairment and pain, and create specific plans for rehabilitation that will help prevention future injuries.

If a resident’s independence has been compromised due to illness, injury or aging, we have qualified occupational therapists who can put together active treatment plans to gain that independence back. They work to create a task-oriented plan that will help residents adapt to their social and physical community by mastering those tasks.

Many of our department heads and staff members have been with us for more than 10 years, including a few key members of management that have been with us since our inception. As a locally owned facility, we maintain extensive relationships with the local medical providers (including surgeons, ophthalmologists, dentists, otologists, urologists, orthopedists and general practitioners), pharmacies, medical equipment providers and hospital personnel.

Our natural surroundings of the beautiful Bitterroot Valley in Western Montana, provides an idyllic setting for our residents in their quest for recovery or care. We provide the necessary care and support to permit senior citizens to keep their dignity even as their bodies inevitably decline with age. We emphasize preserving their maximum level of independence, while providing the necessary support for comfort and optimum health.

At Discovery Care Centre, our goal is to provide the highest level of care. We employ a staff that makes our residents feel at home, but at the same time are highly qualified to provide the best service. It is the blending of exceptional care with warm hospitality that sets Discovery Care Centre apart. We are pleased to provide all of these services under one roof, making us unique in the fact that our residents do not have to leave our facility if their level of care changes. The ability to have our residents stay with us during these situations provides them a sense of security and allows them to develop relationships with staff and other residents, making any change an easier transition. We strive to make Discovery Care Centre relaxed and enjoyable.

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