Golden Years Castle Home - Reno

Reno, NV - Assisted Living

Community size: Small (1-10)

Golden Years Castle provides quality eldercare for people in the Reno, Hidden Valley, Fernley, and Lovelock area. Our experts take pride in providing personalized care to elders in the area. We know that leaving a loved one to someone else’s care can be difficult and we are here to make sure that everything goes smoothly. Our state of the art facility comes with an assortment of amenities that you will love. Our staff is caring and gentle and will make sure that you and your elderly family member are comfortable. 

Golden Years Castle Group Home Care Inc. understands the challenges that the elderly face. Serving both Reno and Hidden Valley since 2003, we provide quality care and assistance to residents within our comfortable and secure facility. Our professional staff members are devoted to caring for residents around the clock. We take pride in helping our residents and give you peace of mind that someone is helping with your elderly family member. 

One of the main focuses of Golden Years Castle Group Home Care Inc is to make sure that your elderly family member is getting around the clock care. We want to give you peace of mind that your family member is being taken care of the best way possible. 

Residents of Golden Years Castle Group Home Care Inc. can enjoy several amenities:

  • A homelike environment that includes beautifully designed rooms, an elegant dining room and a spacious, fully landscaped backyard with big trees.
  • State-of-the-art sprinkler system.
  • Well-planned emergency evacuation program.
  • 24-hour security features that include video surveillance and security alarm system.
  • We keep our residents busy with weekly coordinated activities.
  • Golden Years Castle Group Home Care Inc. is a category 1 (ambulatory) and category 2 (non-ambulatory) facility.
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