Crestview Manor

Hawthorne, NY - Assisted Living

Community size: Large (26-100)

Crestview Manor is an Assisted Living community located in Hawthorne, NY (Westchester County). We are proud to specialize in providing a comfortable home and quality personal care services for adults and seniors, including those with chronic mental health disabilities. 

Since 1994, Crestview has been owned and operated by the Reckess family. The Reckess family promotes a culture of inclusiveness and understanding; of treating all clients and partners as valued members of our community, where each person can contribute. We aim to cultivate a warm and friendly environment where individual needs are recognized and supported. 

Crestview Manor is proud to be one of the few locations in Westchester County that provides assisted living services to seniors, including adults with chronic mental health illnesses. These seniors are a unique and important segment of society who have value. 

We believe that adults with chronic mental health illness deserve the same dignity and care as adults without mental health illness We are proud to act on our beliefs on a daily basis.

Crestview provides full Room & Board services to all residents, as well as access to personal care and support services on a 24/7 basis. Specifically, Crestview is licensed to provide:

  • Housing (permanent, community based)
  • Medication management
  • Full meal services 
  • Laundry
  • Housekeeping
  • Programs and activities, including off-site trips
  • Scheduling and transportation assistance for medical appointments
  • Personal care services by certified personnel

Crestview staff is trained to recognize the unique needs of adults with chronic mental health disabilities, and we are fortunate to have staff that focuses on building trusting relationships with residents and promoting a culture of inclusiveness. 

Crestview is a relatively small community of adults. Each resident is encouraged to contribute in their own way.  

An active life enrichment program is offered daily, and residents can choose which activities they want to join. Events include (when the pandemic allows) trips to the Westchester Dinner Theatre, coffee club, exercise groups, monthly parties, and more. 

We also maintain active Resident committees, including a Resident Council, Movie Committee, and others.

Some residents choose to actively participate in community events; others choose a more passive involvement. We recognize each individual has their own history and experiences, and we strive to respect and support each to live their life in their own way. 

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