Eger Harbor House

Staten Island, NY - Assisted Living

Community size: Large (26-100)

Eger Harbor House is an engaging assisted living community in Staten Island, New York. It is within colorful Richmond County which is part of the Empire State.

Eger Harbor House is 75 bed Assisted Living Enrichment Program. Harbor House has 75 individual apartments with a kitchenette, bedroom, and private bath. Most importantly, Harbor House is a home. 

Eger Lutheran Homes and Services, Inc. a leader in the delivery of post-hospital, long term and end-of-life care and support services, strives to remain responsive to the diverse needs of Staten Island and its neighboring communities. Eger seeks to provide a safe, caring and learning environment in which people can live and work, and that is designed to enhance the quality of life for all, relying upon Lutheran values as its anchor.

At Eger, we strive for the experience to be fulfilling from every aspect of the services we provide.  We care for the whole person, mind, body, and spirit.  Our programs and services are designed to care for the individual needs of each resident, both short term and long term stay.  Eger offers a variety of care options through our rehabilitation program, skilled nursing facility, assisted living program, and in-home care. 

Our Short Term Rehabilitation (STR) unit assists patients in making the transition from acute care in a hospital to home. The goal of STR is to provide physical, occupational and speech therapies along with with psycho-social support to patients too frail to go home after a medical illness in a hospital.  There is a wide breadth of medical conditions that are cared for at Eger, but some common diagnoses include cardiac failure, COPD, complex post-operative patients, post joint replacements, infections complications including pneumonia, systemic failure such as renal failure and all causes of dementia and neurologic impairments such as Parkinson’s disease and Multiple Sclerosis.  The goal is to get patients well enough to return to their home community and continue their rehabilitative process at home.

Long Term Care (LTC) is also provided at Eger.  Residents in this program live at Eger, cared for by our dedicated nursing and medical staff.  Their social needs are supported by a robust recreational team and there is a network of social support given by our in-house social services staff.  The nurses and physicians work collaboratively in teams to provide seamless personalized care of myriad chronic conditions that make living at home no longer a viable option for our clients.  There is a wide breadth of medical problems and complexities that are managed on these units. There is also regular psychiatric, podiatry, wound care and dental care provided. Medical and surgical subspecialty care is provided as needed.


  • Therapeutic recreation activities offered every day for residents and guests.
  • Attentive medical staff that create individual plans for each resident.
  • Eger offers social events for residents to gather together.
  • A variety of pastoral care and religious services.
  • Excellent chef offering quality dining and nutritious meals.
  • NEW buffet style meal service available in units.

At Eger, we focus on the 5 components of therapeutic recreation: Physical, Social, Cognitive, Spiritual, and Emotional. Lead by a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS), Eger provides activities that are resident centered.  Modeling the lives of each individual resident, we create therapeutic activities that help residents feel connected to their lives, their family, and a sense of self.

​Eger has 22 beautiful acres to enjoy outdoor activities, including community barbeques next to our koi pond. Eger encourages family and friends to join in activities with residents.  Residents enjoy time together in social events, time with family, and even time with furry friends!

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