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The Jewish Association on Aging (JAA) honors and enhances the lives of older adults through a full-service network of senior lifestyles and services consistent with Jewish values and traditions. Look to the JAA for understanding, guidance and support as you or your loved-one ages. With a person-centered approach that gives you easy-to-understand options for senior care, we help you navigate the senior living process. Our experts help you decide what you need and when, depending on your current situation or where you see yourself in the coming years. We are the only community of our kind in the urban center of Pittsburgh.

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Video Transcript

Title: A Wonderful Place - The Jewish Association on Aging
Time: 4 min 54 sec


This is a video that was shown at the JAA Annual Meeting and Report to the Community that was held on October 23, 2012. This video truly captures the wonderful people we serve at the JAA.


the main goal of the jeaaa is to provide critical services for seniors and really to keep them as independent as possible and help them age with dignity and respect this is burning my husband's and this is burning my husband has a baby I went to pee water you graduated from the water I graduated Taylor Allderdice high school in nineteen 838 we moved to 46 years ago squirrel hill was completely different when you went out of the street here Pittsburgh to this time you Eva story on over we're in squirrel hill all the time we go to many of the restaurants we go to the movies we go to the library my parents are very forward thinking people there are planners moving to Weinberg would enable them to preserve the footprint of their lives to be able to be in the same neighborhood to go to the same stores to see their friends without any disruption I'm the steeler fan i'm also a tired fair but i don't tell everybody what of all was over young soldiers from the United States yeah but these are us because sometimes strong or do fight our tears they need it i graduated in nineteen thirty a treadmill of depression and the wooden love job to get in the last six months I have been medically compromised and it turns out that we're very happy to be here for the support and services that we get here it's more like ification place I don't have to wash I don't have to make a bit when the bed is made at me I like it I mean they take very good care of you without the Weinberg village help i don't think i could do too much weinberg terrace this young lady or ran because my girlfriend when my mother moved in you should know the first thing she said was it's like a key boots and I just called it safe George come and hate fruit with me she did this is a time that I'm very grateful that a woman of my mother's depth and character can have this kind of environment it's so nurturing to both of them because they're still growing my mom is a resident here at Weinberg village for approximately five months I don't have to go shopping it's very wonderful they shop for me and they cook for me but I make my own bid but she's very happy here and I couldn't be happier as well one of the really exciting things about being at the j a is that we're truly uniquely positioned to really bring innovation to what we're doing here in terms of the care that we deliver we're partnering with for example Carnegie Mellon to see how we can incorporate technology into our services to have more interesting options for seniors and particularly their seniors who may be tech savvy and we know that those numbers are going to continue to grow you are my sunshine my only sunshine you make me happy when skies are gray you'll never know dear how much I love you oh please oh please don't take my sunshine away

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