Bailey Manor

Manchester, TN - Assisted Living

Community size: Medium (11-25)

Bailey Manor is a resplendent assisted living community in Manchester, Tennessee. It is within perfect Coffee County which is part of the Volunteer State.

It’s one of life’s hardest decisions—knowing when the care of a loved one needs to be shared.

When it is no longer an option for your loved one to live alone, look to Bailey Manor. At each of our four locations, you will find the warm, family atmosphere you’ve been looking for—where caregivers feel like family and life is cheerful and upbeat. When they move into Bailey Manor, you can finally relax, knowing that they are in a safe place specifically and thoughtfully designed for people with Alzheimer’s or dementia. Daily activities and needs are no longer a source of anxiety for them—or for you. Whether your loved one requires full or part time care, Bailey Manor is here to meet your needs.

At Bailey Manor, we offer three different care programs:

Long Term Care

Bailey Manor offers long term care that includes personal hygiene care, medication management, incontinence care, hydration management, activities, laundry service, housekeeping and homecooked meals.

Respite Care

At Bailey Manor, we understand that caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia is a full-time commitment. When you need short term relief, you can turn to Bailey Manor’s Respite Care program. Whether you need your love one looked after for a weekend or a week or more, Bailey Manor is happy to provide relief to dedicated caregivers. This service is provided at a daily rate.

Adult Day Care Services

Whether caregivers need to work or enjoy some much needed personal time, Bailey Manor’s Adult Day Care is the perfect solution. Rest assured that your loved one is in a secure environment where they can socialize, enjoy structured programs and eat delicious meals. This program is available at an hourly rate.

Each of our communities was designed with a great deal of thought and planning to meet the specialized needs of Alzheimer’s and Dementia residents, making their lives safer, less stressful and more meaningful. Why did we design our communities this way? Because unlike most assisted living facilities, we only cater to people with Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

Here are some of the features we offer our residents:

An Open Floor Plan:

This design, void of any hallways, helps reduce anxiety and improves orientation to a new environment, helping ease the transition period.

Secure Exterior Doors:

You want peace of mind. They want some freedom. Secured exterior doors mean you both win—with residents able to move about freely. We even offer a secure courtyard, so residents can enjoy activities like gardening, bird watching and strolling on our walking paths, with nothing to worry about. There’s even a covered porch where residents can gather with friends and relatives.

Carefully Planned Living Spaces:

Everything in our living spaces is planned with safety in mind. For instance, our units feature armoires instead of closets to prevent residents from getting lost or confused.

Individualized Life Service Plan:

It is not their memory loss that defines who our residents are. They are individuals who deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. That’s why we sit down with you and evaluate the specifics of your loved one’s needs, abilities and preferences, including: personal care, housekeeping, medicine management, dining preferences, activity preferences and laundry requirements. Our goals are to:

  • Consistently deliver dignified care
  • Increase the resident’s ability to perform activities of daily living
  • Tailor the plan to the individual needs of the resident
  • Develop the plan with professional care providers and family members

Specially Designed Programs and Activities:

Our goal isn’t just to care for your loved one. We want to enrich their life with activities that encourage them to participate to the highest level of their capability. By doing so, we help maintain cognitive function, increase their socialization and enhance their self-esteem. One way we do this is by creating a Memory Book for each resident. The book is filled with photos, news clippings and more, all of which together form a sort of life history of each resident. Then the books are used by visiting family members, staff and the resident themself to help jog their memory and foster conversation and familiarity.

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