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Our residents are the heart of our community. They are the reason we’re here. Helping seniors live healthy, engaged lives is our passion. The Summit Vista community was designed to support that vision. And our experienced leadership team, composed of innovative executives from the senior living industry, has been integral in bringing Utah’s first Life Plan Community to life. Discover what it means to be a part of this vibrant, special community!

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Title: Why Summit Vista?
Time: 3 min 3 sec


We've asked some of our future residents why they choose to spend their retirement years at Summit Vista. Some of those included the amenities being exactly what they were looking for and the swimming pool and gym facilities were all a bonus. The luxury of having everything you need within walking distance is ideal and care for when you need it was among one of the most important reasons. Come be a part of a life plan, experience life to the fullest.


[Music] the very first recollection that I have of Summit Vista was an ad that I read in the paper I believe about going to lunch I had noticed ads in the paper about summit Vista and it was something that just really appealed to me a flyer through the mail that was our first encounter with some of Vista we read it and decided that hmm you know lunch at Market Streets not all that bad so let's go listen to the concept because that is the direction we want to go I thought this is very attractive to the kind of place that I think I'm looking for I called and you got all information and just was really interested so we went and long behold we were just enthralled that's what we heard summit vistas a facility that will have all of the amenities that I'm looking for I've never seen a clubhouse that had so much in it I was just blown away one of the big things of course is the swimming pool and then the gym facilities I know that there's going to be a bank and different little rooms where they can have classes of crafts or anything that you like to do what works you want everything is right there that you ever need and the cost which is also very very reasonable we're not buying a unit we are buying a path for the rest of our life it's a good value because they take such good care of you and I've heard of other places where the price is like three times as much as it is here it's just really amazing what they can give you for for your money if for some reason it didn't work out or we died which will ultimately happen most of the money will be returned either to us or to our errors it's not as we accountants would say a wasting asset but the reason I chose Summit Vista over many of the other places were new facility complete furnishings as far as having an apartment available complete care should I need it in the future and all of the social amenities that were going to be available I chose summit Vista because it was the only completely life plan that I knew of in this area our dream goals are to experience life to the fullest we think that a development such as summit Vista will allow us to do that it's just so nice to know that I never have to move again I hate to move I can stay there forever and know that I'm gonna be taken care of and they promise they're gonna take care of me they're gonna have everything right there that you're gonna need for the rest of your life [Music]

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