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Ida Culver House Broadview is an inspiring place to be, both inside and out. Residents enjoy its breathtaking views of Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains, elegant décor, lavishly landscaped garden courtyard, refreshing saltwater pool, and fine dining. At Ida Culver House Broadview, you will find friendly and engaged residents, a caring staff who go the extra mile, and an array of enticing activities.

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Title: Ida Culver House Broadview - Resident Testimonials
Time: 3 min 12 sec


In this video, you'll meet some of the residents at Ida Culver House Broadview, where you can enjoy beautiful vistas, an engaged lifestyle and exceptional care. Our integrated campus offers exceptional senior care and peace of mind, with a complete range of healthcare services, including Independent Living, Assisted Living, Alzheimer's and Dementia care, and Skilled Nursing. Come enjoy premier senior living at Ida Culver House Broadview. If you have questions or would you like to schedule a visit at our retirement community, please call us at or visit us online at


they're just were many amenities that I liked about this place so there was just no question we looked at many places around Seattle because we had friends in them and we would visit them and we had meals at their places so we got to know other places but we came to I took over staff here at Ida Culliver is really superb caring kind warm we like them very much well as do others they are supportive they are patient very very helpful I can't send up the things about them in both the main house and in skilled nursing the stamp edyta cover is wonderful my parents could stay together in their apartment and assisted living would come to them every floor of every building there's a nurse's station where they have the equipment so they can provide immediate care palliative care in the apartment it's it's just marvelous having somebody available seven days a week the chef's here go out of their way to please everybody the food is great the people that are serving the food are very efficient and fast and get exactly what you want to describe the dining room is that you're entering a nice dining room because you have white tablecloths and white napkins every single night I just feel so much at home with that sort of an atmosphere myself there's lots to do to do here you know they literally keep you involved if you're in you can pick and choose you can exercise and yoga and there's lectures and we have a taste and travel there are lots of things here to keep people stimulated the culture of vitac culverhouse is amazing it is a well-established community it has been in the community for over 20 years it was actually the site of the broad view elementary school and we have residue family members that have attended that elementary school and actually get to live here and come back and have those wonderful memories a lot of friendly nice people so very happy to be here we meet friends many friends people would get to know and there are a lot of very interesting people living here my father was in Hawaii and he was very ill and he was ill for about three years and frankly we should have moved in here sooner he would have probably avoided some of the health health issues and he ended up with and oh sure my mother would have been happier too because she has this community to support her come well you can move around and be a part of the society and that's important I like the idea that this is home I love the quality of life that I have here at I to call for broad view I don't know of any other place I'd rather be you

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