Ovation Sarah Chudnow

Mequon, WI - Assisted Living, Nursing Home, Independent Living, CCRC

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At Ovation Sarah Chudnow, we offer all of your care options in one convenient setting. As your care needs change, your address can stay the same.

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Title: Programs at Ovation Communities
Time: 1 min 30 sec




[Music] what better way to shed light on a 112 year legacy than to help our residents live vibrant lives through innovation our artists in residence program has been fantastic we have a student that lives with us from UWM where did you go to the Philippines Marshall allows them to express themselves and to share their memories a research that we do here is helping our residents innovation communities and all over the world like Ken mindfulness make a difference in older adults lives does lung health lead to better outcomes with sleep the Adult Day Center has put together innovative programs one which is called R and R which is recharge and renew this is a piece of art that we did on one of our outings my name is David Higgins and I have early memory loss at first it was scary there was a little bit of anger and depression this helped me very much we take field trips to local museums and other places of interest it's fun it's stimulating I chose a couple of courts lifeís art levears in color ovation celebrates our residence lives in our gratitude to be able to serve our older adults you [Music]

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