New Horizons Care Center

Lovell, WY - Assisted Living

Community size: Small (1-10)

New Horizons Care Center is located at the foot of the Big Horn Mountains in Lovell, Wyoming. The facility has 85 beds for long-term care and features an Alzheimer's Unit, skilled beds, intermediate care and Assisted Living. The Care Center is affiliated with North Big Horn Hospital District. With the Care Center and hospital conveniently joined, each resident has quick easy access for medical help. At New Horizons Care Center your loved one will feel right at home. They'll receive respect and quality care.

The staff provides a variety of fun individual and group activities during the day and some evenings. Family and friends are invited to join anytime. We provide numerous parties for various events for residents and families throughout the year. Birthdays are celebrated each month with entertainment and refreshments.

The Staff consists of a Medical Director, Administrator, Chief Nursing Officer, Social Service Director, Activities Director, Dietary Manager and Consultant, Occupational Therapist, Housekeeping, Physical Therapist and Restorative Aides. Respiratory Therapy is available when needed. During daytime hours a Chief Nursing Officer, Registered Nurse or a Registered Nurse Supervisor is on duty. L.P.N. and/or RN's are on duty the remaining 24-hour period.

You can choose a private room, semi-private room or a suite as available. The private rooms and suites are large and have their own bathrooms. The suites are big enough for a couple to reside in (they are each charged a semi-private rate). The semi-private rooms are designed to provide maximum privacy for each resident. A solid dividing wall separates the rooms and only the bathroom is shared. Each room in the facility has its own window and door, which gives the elder more freedom and control over their environment.

The Assisted Living Unit is located on the first floor of New Horizons Care Center. This unit is licensed by the state of Wyoming and is staffed 24-hours a day by a Certified Nursing Assistant.

Assisted Living offers residents an opportunity to live as independently as they are able. The staff assists with minimal dressing, grooming, and bathing. The nursing staff administers medications. Laundry, Dietary and housekeeping services are provided.

Assisted Living units are available. We have seven units where up to nine resident can enjoy their own bedroom, living room and bathroom. All rooms are equipped with call bells. Residents receive the quality of life they deserve from a "family" of caring people at New Horizons Care Center.

New Horizons Care Center is one of the few facilities in the western United States designed, staffed and operated specifically for the care of people with Alzheimer's Disease and related disorders.

The Alzheimer's unit is located on the second floor of the Care Center. There are 23 beds and it is entry/exit secure for the protection of the residents. This unit is designed with an at home atmosphere. Residents can spend their days walking around the unit, participating in the daily planned activities, or enjoy the outdoors on the patio overlooking the Big Horn Mountains. Families are encouraged to join their loved one anytime during the day. Every staff member is thoroughly trained in the care of the person with Alzheimer's. The staffing of New Horizons includes registered nurses, a social worker, activities staff, licensed practical nurse, nursing assistants, a medical director and a dietician. Residents are highly supervised for a safe and secure environment.

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