Amada Senior Care of Longview

Longview, WA

Amada Senior Care of Longview is a premier home care service that gives non-medical care to senior citizens in their homes. It's office is in Longview, Washington which is part of the Evergreen State. Examples of home care activities include help with dressing, bathing, and meal preparation.

Amada care providers offer four types of care services for seniors and their families: in-home senior care, senior housing advising, home monitoring, and financial care coordination (help with long-term care insurance and other funding options for senior care, such as the veteran’s aid and attendance benefits).

At Amada, quality care is our priority. We look for ways to make simple, everyday tasks special. Amada’s in-home caregivers not only take care of daily essentials like cooking and cleaning, and grocery shopping, but they also go above and beyond to make their clients smile. Recently, one of our caregivers discovered that her client had spent his whole life farming – so she purchased some seeds before her visit and planted a garden for them to tend together. At Amada, we know in-home care isn’t just about performing tasks on a to-do list. It can be hard for seniors to accept new limitations and open their home up to a stranger. Our caregivers understand that it’s essential to show compassion and really connect with their clients to make the changes easier. Amada caregivers are trained to provide assistance with personal care and activities of daily living (ADLs).

Helping you or a loved one live at home safely and independently is our priority at Amada Senior Care. Our user-friendly Amada Connect devices ensure that help arrives immediately when a fall or other emergency happens. With 24/7 monitoring (24 hours a day, 7 days a week), each Amada Connect device serves as your personal emergency response system (PERS).

Amada Connect 24/7 is our program of high-tech safety tools. Each PERS device is voice-activated (thus, hands-free) and connected around-the-clock via two-way voice communication to an emergency monitoring system. All of our PERS devices provide visual and audible alarm indicators, whether the device has a landline or is wireless. In addition, each PERS device includes a fall-detection alert that immediately notifies first responders. For independent older adults, Amada Connect provides peace of mind that help is available at any time in case of a serious fall or other emergency situation.

A professionally trained Amada Connect operator will receive your emergency alert, identify your need, and dispatch a designated responder—a family member, friend, neighbor, or emergency medical personnel—to reach your side during those first critical moments. In addition, the Amada Connect operator will stay on the line with you until help arrives.

The wide variety of Amada Connect 24/7 PERS devices are designed to best meet your lifestyle needs—from in-home solutions to on-the-go mobile systems. Your Amada Senior Care advisor can help you select the right product as well as personally set up your device, based on your care plan.

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