Senior Parents

5 Ways To Empower Your Senior Parents

Your parents raised you to the best of their abilities. They worked hard to give you the kind of life you deserve and make sure you'd have everything you need. Your parents postponed their lifelong dreams and made a lot of sacrifices along the way. They cared for you when you were sick and barely had enough sleep.

They rarely hung out with their peers and chose to stay home and be with you instead. Your parents were patient when you threw tantrums or rebelled as a teenager. They got worried sick when you didn't come home. Your parents gave up most things just to give you the world. They nurtured you and gave you unconditional love.

But for those with complicated relationships with their parents, know that your parents did what they could. Try to understand they were probably going through a lot of things that you don't know about. Perhaps they couldn't tell you because they don't want to burden you; love them anyway. One day you'll understand when you become a parent yourself.

Those are only some of the things that parents do for their children. Now, they're old and grey; they need your love and support more than ever as they further into life. And here are some ways to empower them:

1. Stay Fit and Exercise

Encourage your parents to be active and live a healthy life. Let them join you when you exercise; a simple walk around the park to start the day. Do a routine exercise, and customize it to your parents' needs and fitness level. Incorporate their favorite sport into the routine. Turn it into a challenge and make it fun for them; whoever accomplishes their fitness goal gets rewarded.

According to Vista Healthcare, physical movement is crucial as people grow older. Any form of exercise will benefit you and your parents. You’ll both stay fit, and you can also use these moments as quality time to strengthen your bond.

2. Bond With Them

As mentioned, bonding is a great way to show your love to your parents. Always find time to see them despite your busy schedule. Perhaps you can spend weekends with them. Give them something to look forward to and think of activities that everyone in the family can do. Get them involved in the planning, ask them what they wish to do next. It can be as simple as cooking at home, camping, fishing, or going on a road trip. Spending quality time with your parents will surely build a deeper connection with them.

3. Make Their Home a Safe Haven

Turn their home into a safe place so that they can live comfortably. You may need to make changes and adjustments like adding safety features: grab bars in bathrooms and stairs and installing ramps if needed. Help them label and organize the medicine cabinet, pantry, and refrigerator. Get rid of the clutter and take out the things they no longer need to avoid the possibility of them tripping over it.

4. Encourage Them to Socialize

There will be times where you can't see or visit them. This will be a good opportunity for your parents to bond with their peers, get involved in their community, or attend social events. This means they will just fine on their own as they have other people they can interact with. You can also teach them about social media; you can still talk over the phone or via a video chatting service if you cannot drop by.

5. Listen And Understand

There will be times where things get difficult, and you may not see eye to eye. Talk to your parents and learn to listen. Understand where they're coming from. There will be instances where your parents couldn't express how they feel. They could also have difficulty conveying what they mean, but don't dismiss immediately, instead fill the gap, ask questions and clarify. Remember, when you were younger and weren't exactly good with words, they somehow understood you.


Everyone goes through different life stages, and it's challenging to go through them alone. Thus, being there for your parents and guiding them every step of the way is a big help. Not everyone is blessed to have the chance to bond with their parents. Furthermore, you don't need to be with them all the time. If you check up on them and spend time with them; that's already enough. Moreover, your parents helped you become the person you are today. Furthermore, learning from their experiences might come in handy in the future.