Assisted Living

How To Find Assisted Living With A Mental Health Condition

Living on one’s own could become challenging as the person ages, which may concern their loved ones. Unfortunately, not all family or friends can take in the elderly family members and give them the care they deserve, especially when they have a mental illness on top of their other health issues.

For people in this position, assisted living facilities would be able to take care of the older person’s needs and keep an eye on them while giving them the maximum amount of freedom according to those needs. In this way, the person retains some dignity and pride while the assisted living facility staff will act as a secure safety net for the elderly in case any problems arise.

Each person will have a unique situation, and not every person has identical needs, making it crucial for the family to find an assisted living facility that will cater to their loved one’s specific condition. This article lists some ways to aid you with your search:

Visit And Inspect The Facility And Rooms

The family can start their search for the perfect assisted living facility by contacting the ones in their immediate area. Ask them to provide more information about their services and carefully consider each one. After narrowing the options to two or three, set an appointment with them to view the facility.

While there, discuss all the different care options with them, including whether they will allow the person to attend their mental health sessions here or at any other facility. It will be crucial for the person to continue their care under the same medical professionals that know their history and are in charge of the program they currently follow.

Ask About The Security Options

Security is a must for someone with a mental health condition, especially the more severe varieties. Sadly, they may try to wander off or escape from the facility, leaving them vulnerable on the streets. Another possibility is that they would try to invite strangers off the road that may cause harm to them or other residents.

People with mental health conditions may struggle with suicidal thoughts, making them a risk to themselves. Hence, assisted living facilities with a monitoring system for these patients will be a good option for families. Knowing that there will always be someone at the assisted living home to check up on the older person will make their family members rest easy, especially when they cannot be with them at all hours.

Find A Facility Close To Care Providers

Driving up and down between appointments and other needs of the person staying at the assisted living facility may become cumbersome if they are too far apart. Although it may not always be possible for the two to be close to one another, families should find a facility that will be the most convenient for them and their loved ones.

Mental health conditions may include anxiety, and moving around from one appointment to the next may increase this for the person. Removing them from the comfort of their familiar surroundings may even cause a decline in their mental health instead of improving it.

Check If The Facility Monitors Medication

One of the biggest concerns for families regarding the mental health of the elderly is taking medication correctly. They may forget to take it multiple times, thinking they have already taken it. With mental health medication, the person must take the same dose each day at the specific time indicated, or it may not have the intended effect.

Some facilities will assist with monitoring medications where they will safely keep them locked away and only dispense the correct dose at the appropriate time of day. Through this system, the assisted living facility can prevent accidental overdoses and ensure that residents take their medication as prescribed while giving them the independent living they still need.

Inquire About The Type Of Staff

Loved ones with special needs, like the constant monitoring of their mental health, would need specialized solutions to ensure they remain happy and healthy. Not all assisted living facilities will offer the same services; thus, not all the staff will have the same training.

Families can feel more assured that their loved ones will get the care they deserve at a facility with a trained staff that will effectively assist people with mental health conditions. Not only will a more capable team handle the mental health issues, but they would most likely also be able to assist with other medical or non-medical emergencies.

Request To See Additional Services

Before placing the person in the assisted living facility, ask them about other services they could offer their residents. Some will provide meals, and others will have benefits like somatic therapy, physiotherapist, or resident counselor.

These additional services could help the person improve their mental health even more without leaving the facility for other appointments. Again, find the facility that has the benefits to match that specific person and their mental health condition.

Be Open And Honest With The Facility

Discussing all the person’s specialized needs with the facility is always an excellent idea. Together, the older person’s family and the assisted living facility would be able to decide on the best course of treatment or assistance for them.

The facility will set up care plans for each resident according to their level of care and help. When families don’t discuss everything, they can't adequately compile their programs and may leave some aspects at the wayside, affecting the resident negatively.


An older adult is an excellent addition to any family. Still, sometimes they could have needs that their families cannot meet by themselves, so they require professional assistance. An assisted living facility may answer all the questions for these people and their families.

The older person will retain some essential self-care while receiving assistance in the areas they cannot handle, but only when the assisted living facility fulfills all their needs. When choosing a facility, families should consider all their options and carefully look over all the services it offers. After all, our loved ones deserve the best, including quality care, especially when they have mental health conditions to consider when making important life decisions.