Campbell Creek House

Anchorage, AK - Assisted Living

Community size: Large (26-100)

Anchorage's newest assisted living home, Campbell Creek House (CCH), is a gem in the heart of Anchorage! CCH’s state-of-the-art facility was designed with the safety and comfort of your loved ones as the highest priority. Set in a gorgeous parkside setting, residents live with the beauty of pine trees, wild flowers, and birds chirping just outside the door. Inside, you will be greeted with clean interiors and the smell of fresh, homemade food wafting in the air giving you a feeling of homeiness and comfort you won’t find in any other assisted living facility.

​Of course, it would all be for naught without the dedicated, caring staff. Owned and operated by a family whose culture and family values go deep into respect for elders and others needing help and compassion, the loyalty and dedication to residents is unparalleled.

All services are individualized, based on a comprehensive personal assessment of the unique needs and preferences of each prospective resident prior to move-in. Assessments will also be updated at regular intervals to provide progressive individual and innovative care to seniors living in Alaska.

​At Campbell Creek House, services will be delivered by trained, caring staff that respects individual choices, privacy and personal dignity. In all this, we want to work with you and your loved ones to provide the absolute pinnacle of individualized care. When our residents are happy, we’re happy.

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