A Heavenly Home

Paso Robles, CA - Assisted Living

Community size: Small (1-10)

A Heavenly Home is a peaceful assisted living community in Paso Robles, California. It is within elegant San Luis Obispo County which is part of the Golden State.

A Heavenly Home is a licensed 24-hour, secured residential care home for up to 30 residents. Needs range from age-in-place minimal care to those with memory care issues, including adapting to progressive Alzheimer’s and dementia. Open-space living is garnished with warm colors and antique décor features. The Jimenez’s believe in maximum staffing — even beyond caregiver requirements. The residents live in a social setting with activities and enjoy lush outdoor landscaping with patio seating and two small pooches to love. The Jimenezes’ dream for ultimate senior age-in-place living accommodations began with one residential care home for six residents. They began construction in 2016 of an entire campus for senior housing on the 2.5 acres adjacent to the original location of A Heavenly Home, and completed four individually licensed homes for up to 24 additional residents in 2018.

The campus-style setting will include the four residences phased for the level of care needed, a 1,200 sqft senior center for resident and family activities such as ping-pong, movies, and board games. There is a potential to link with the community’s senior center for activities that will benefit residents and community members still living in their own homes. They plan a miniature golf area and a resident’s community vegetable garden to enhance their meals. A petting zoo will be offered to 4H students who don’t have room at home. Students would care for their animals and the facility would finance the food — a win/win for students and residents.

Give your loved one the opportunity to live comfortably and enjoy their own daily routine, with the confidence of safety and support through assisted living in a residential setting. Welcome to a senior community in Paso Robles where each resident is celebrated, cherished and connected. During this time of transition, we make every effort to ease loved ones into a comfortable and enjoyable lifestyle, offering individually tailored personal care options to perfectly suit their care needs and lifestyle preferences. Our residents’ plans, interests and goals are our priority, and we’re ready to do everything we can to help them live life to the fullest. From simple housekeeping and nutritious meals to hygiene and healthcare, we strive to enable the senior residents under our care to lead their own lives in ways that keep them happy, healthy and safe.

Life at A Heavenly Home residential care facility is the beginning of a beautiful new chapter, full of friendships, activities and a way of life created to enrich the lives of others. Residents are welcomed and encouraged to be a part of our social activities and live the comfortable life they deserve, without the obligation to keep up with chores or other household tasks. Our assisted living campuses for seniors are conveniently located near restaurants, parks, shopping, hospitals, churches and more in Paso Robles with transportation and assistance available to make every day a day full of endless possibilities.

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