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Nestled on 57 acres of wooded countryside, complete with breathtaking views of Canandaigua Lake, Ferris Hills provides the perfect setting to discover the many charms of the Finger Lakes.

As a complete senior living community, Ferris Hills at West Lake is a lifestyle experience encompassing independent and enriched living, with a continuum of skilled nursing care available at nearby Thompson Health.

From services and amenities to residency plans and options, Ferris Hills maximizes freedom and independence while providing the security and comfort that are the hallmarks of the area.

This one-of-a-kind senior living community blends the energy and enthusiasm of the community with the comfort and security of the area's most well-respected health care provider – Thompson Health.

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Video Transcript

Title: Ferris Hills: He made a promise to himself to live the good life
Time: 0 min 30 sec


Fred made a promise to himself to live the good live


I promised myself that I would keep living the good life and that's why I chose Ferris Hills in Canandaigua I enjoy fine dining taking in the arts and coffee with good friends he'll usually find me in the woodworking shop and I hit the gym early every morning well almost every morning I love to wander the nature trails and paved walkways or just sit back and take it all in I kept my promise I'm living the good life in the Finger Lakes at Ferris Hills

Video Transcript

Title: Ferris Hills at West Lake - Live the Spirit of the Finger Lakes
Time: 5 min 14 sec




because it is a friendly place secure we feel so taken care of completely carefree it's a little like being on a cruise being here the food is wonderful there's always an activity going on the easiest life I've ever had Ferris Hills is located up on a hill with a beautiful view of the lake and there's woods all around it you feel like you're on vacation we have a great view from our apartment we look right out at the canandaigua lake and it's gorgeous and in the fall with the leaves oh it's beautiful the apartment I'm comfortable with the furniture I have and the amount of room I have in the apartment it was just what I needed the residents here are very active we have a paved trail around the property and I always see residents out for strolling taking a walk some are walking their dogs this is a fun place there's so much to do I can't do half of it and I'm a busy person and I had my little garden down there and I have a knitting group on from 10 to 11 on tues these I do workouts in my apartment and I get on the treadmill every day I'm committed roaring I music I need to be committed I've grown since i was young i keep on doing and well beyond the years exercise room and library there's a lot here it's offering me a good lifestyle the other great gathering place is the marketplace cafe people wanted to sit around and have a cup of coffee and do crossword puzzles and it's been a really great place to also give and catch up the difference people feel that you know the older you get maybe you don't enjoy the same things what you do and I think the older you get it's even more important to be social it's even more important to get out there and do things because life's worth living there's the bus I'm the transportation driver so doctors appointments shopping banking errands outings it's my responsibility to get them there and back safely we're going all kinds of places that the bus will take us when you want to go someplace where it's a crowd you don't feel like driving jeeva in rochester bristol in the summer to the plays it's wonderful I did the cooking the cleaning the kids etc etc for 56 years and I said I'm done when we actually got here we realize that place was filled with wonderful people and that it has great chefs some of the food is just it's amazing you have comfort food and then you have fine dining things like Coquille st. Jacques Tuna Nicoise you have several different options to choose from they will come up to me and say I had that I had that meal in France that was that was very good you know and it's just that's it's kind of a nice pat on the back as long as it pleased the resident that is very good because that's why we're here making a decision to downsize them to move into a retirement home is such a huge decision it was daunting to think about making that decision without really knowing what life would be like so the opportunity to try it out is just fantastic one of the things that Ferris hills now offers is the opportunity to rent for a few months to experience the whole community to see if it's something that works for you and get a sense of what it would be like to live in a community like this and many times we say here's the list you have your insurance you have to buy all these groceries you have to get yourself to the doctor right all those prices down and here's what it costs you to live here most often they're saving money or they're coming out even and in the meantime you don't have to make a meal at night you don't have to clean your apartment and when we did it my own kids just they don't have to worry about us this is why we did it we did not do this for ourselves we did this for our family so they won't have to worry the hospitality that we provide the president came in and says my mother isn't even a place that's nice you know when you start talking about things like that and if the president picked Ferris hills as one of his destination points during his visit to Rochester and Canada gwa that that's a big sense of pride this is a village we have everything here you need it's my new home and I'm happy to be here Tara sills extraordinary place

Video Transcript

Title: Ferris Hills at West Lake Open House
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Ferris Hills at West Lake Open House Saturday may 14, come experience how life should be. Tour our senior community and see how our maintenance-free lifestyle, services and amenities give you the freedom and independence to focus on what's important to you. It's a full day of family fun! * Savory appetizers prepared by our chef * Live cooking demonstrations * Kids' games & activities * Door prizes - including dinner for four at our elegant restaurant Ferris Hills is best accessed from the 3300 block of West Lake Road (County Road 16) in Canandaigua, via Peg Rayburn Drive. Its website is


discover how you can live life on your terms at ferris hills and clark meadows during our open house celebration and experience all that our vibrant retirement communities have to offer bring the whole family for a day of fun enjoy savory appetizers games cooking demonstrations door prizes and more join us Saturday May fourteenth from 9am till 5pm for the ferris hills and clark meadows open house celebration for more information or directions call 3930 for 10 or visit our website today

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