Goose Creek Manor

Goose Creek, SC - Assisted Living

Community size: Large (26-100)

Goose Creek Manor is located in the Goose Creek region of the Charleston Metropolitan region in South Carolina. We are an assisted living care facility that provides necessary assistance and guidance as our residents age. Our dedicated staff helps our residents to continue living with autonomy and enjoy an active engaging life in the best health possible. We provide a supportive environment where our residents can continue to age successfully regardless of age, through physical, intellectual, social and spiritual growth.

Goose Creek manor provides compassionate assisted living services that allows our residents to live happy and productive lives while having direct access to assistance, when needed. We do assisted living with a community-first approach. Our residents enjoy expert care, a home-like varied culinary experience, and a wide host of projects, activities, and skill-development opportunities. 

We have a dedicated staff of caretakers that ensure our residents receive the attention they need to live healthy and productive lives. Our caretakers help our residents with medication, and help schedule and maintain regular medical appointments. We have mobile x-ray capabilities. We also have on-site prescription delivery services. We provide around-the-clock monitoring to keep our residents safe and secure. We have physical therapists on staff that help our residents maintain a healthy, fit lifestyle. Our caretakers also help with day-to-day activities, when needed, such as bathing and scheduling haircuts. 

The professionally trained staff provides personal assistance and support with engaging activities and services needed; med management, meals, bathing, dressing, housekeeping, transportation and recreation. A gentle daily structure is provided. Goose Creek Manor maintains professional relationships with two in house physicians, several physicians out in the community, home health and hospice agencies. The staff at Goose Creek Manor also assist with the coordination of outside health care needs.

We believe in providing our residents with a familiar homelike environment and a nourishing community of like-minded individuals. We cultivate a warm, inviting environment by focusing on living first. We provide nutritious appetizing food, nicely furnished rooms, and comfortable sleeping arrangements. 

Goose Creek Manor has a registered dietitian on staff that ensures that our residents receive all necessary nutrients for a healthy life. To this end, we provide a varied menu serving different, appetizing, and nourishing food each day. We provide 3 meals a day, as well as snacks and coffee throughout the day.

Some of our featured entree's include country fried steak, baked catfish, homemade Shepard's pie, Caesar salad, as well as deserts including fruit cups, blueberry cobbler, and strawberry shortcake.

Everyone needs alone time, so we believe in providing necessary privacy as well as engaging our residents in a host of group activities.  

The residents at Goose Creek Manor engage in a variety of activities. Our residents participate in activities such as walking club, movie night, Bible study, Coffee and Current Events, outings, B-fit, Trivia, Monthly Residential Council and more. 

We also have community leaders from the local church engage with our residents to ensure spiritual growth. 

We want our residents to live with dignity, security, and comfort. Above all, we strive to cultivate a sense of belonging.

We believe in building trust through reliable service, and we look forward to you joining our community.

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