Rose Hill Retirement Home

Bellville, TX - Assisted Living

Community size: Medium (11-25)

Rose Hill Retirement Home is a resplendent assisted living community in Bellville, Texas. It is within graceful Austin County which is part of the Lone Star State.

At Rose Hill, we aim to make your loved one’s encore season of life special. As a top-rate assisted living facility, our friendly, knowledgeable team balances our residents’ health needs with their spiritual and social needs. Our goal is to give residents a comfortable, homey place to live and receive the quality care they deserve.

Before our residents move in, we map out an extensive, detailed resident care plan to ensure that they receive the highest quality accommodations and services tailored to their medical and physical needs. Each resident is regularly reviewed to see if any adjustments need to be made. At Rose Hill Assisted Living, we provide personal care that’s actually personal.

Assisted living is designed to provide more hands-on care to residents as they age or struggle with memory loss. They get the extra help they need in an environment that feels like home. Our cozy, welcoming facility gives residents the chance to live life to the fullest while receiving assistance with certain tasks. Our residents receive three, delicious home-cooked meals per day (special diets are taken into account), activities and social events, housekeeping, linen service, and transportation. At Rose Hill, our residents can reap all of the benefits that accompany retired life, without the stress of daily chores and other tasks they may have difficulty completing on their own.

Our seasoned caregivers never provide cookie-cutter services to residents. We take the time to get to know residents on a personal level, go over their unique care plans, and make sure that we are doing everything we can to make them feel comfortable, happy, and safe.

At Rose Hill, our adult day care services provide daily structure and activities, supervision, medical attention, meals, and more. We aim to provide a fun, community-driven environment for elderly adults while meeting their individual needs. 

Our adult day care services allow seniors (in need of assistance or with memory loss) to hang out with us every day. At our welcoming, vibrant community, we have a variety of activities seniors can do to stay stimulated and entertained. Another important aspect of daytime care is that it allows seniors to socialize with their peers and build a sense of community and belonging. Aging can cause seniors to spend more time alone and the social aspect of our services can really boost their mood and overall sense of well-being.

At Rose Hill Assisted Living, we provide caregiver relief and rehabilitation services through respite care. From assisted living to skilled nursing, we can provide high-quality, short-term care to elderly seniors. 

Respite care is a short-term living arrangement for seniors. It’s for seniors recovering from a hospital stay or surgery. Respite care can also provide temporary relief and support for caregivers. Our facility has the capacity to accommodate residents in need of temporary care in a safe, homey environment. We have the resources needed to support seniors seeking respite care for a variety of circumstances.

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