5 Home Security Tips for Seniors

As you get older, you can’t help but focus on home security. You realize that some criminals view seniors as vulnerable and will do everything they can to take advantage. Fortunately, you can maintain control by incorporating some home security tips for seniors. 

Install a Home Security System

Protect your home and belongings with a home security system. While you can hire a company to install and maintain the system,  DIY home security systems are also an option. These systems are relatively easy to install and remove, and you don’t have to worry about being locked into a contract. 

SimpliSafe wins when it comes to easy installation, while the Abode DIY security system scores high marks regarding customization. Then, there’s the Alder system, which is the right choice if you’re concerned about medical emergencies. Many seniors go with this option because it excels at medical alerts.

Once you set up your system, it will work much like a professional system. You will have real-time monitoring and alerts when you’re at home or away. 

Combine a Video Doorbell With a Smart Lock System

Doorbell cameras serve two essential purposes. First, criminals typically turn around and go somewhere else if they see such a camera at the front door. Second, you can see who is at the door before answering it. If you don’t know the person at the door, you can ignore the visitor or interact through the doorbell’s intercom system. 

While the video doorbell is enough for some seniors, you might benefit from adding a smart lock system. If someone you know rings the bell, you can unlock the door from your smartphone instead of getting up. That’s a great option if you are at high risk for falls.

Stay Safe on Social Media

Seniors have flocked to social media sites such as Facebook to stay connected with friends and family. While social media is an excellent way to stave off loneliness, you need to be careful about what you share. Don’t post travel plans on social media since that will let others know that it’s an ideal time to break into your home. Also, only accept a friend request from people you know. Finally, don’t post about expensive items you own, and set your account to private so only people you know can see your page. 

Remove Tools From the Yard

You might enjoy working in the yard, but you don’t love hauling the tools back and forth. Because of that, you probably leave a rake or shovel out in the open from time to time. Someone walking by might see the tool and then get the idea to use it to break into your home. Lock away your tools, so people can’t use them against you.

Keep Your Curtains or Blinds Drawn As Much As Possible

Sunlight can boost your mood. However, people can see into your home if you keep your blinds and curtains open. This gives them a chance to case your house. Keep windows and blinds that face the street or sidewalk drawn. This extra layer of protection will make people less likely to try to break into your home.

Home Security for Seniors Is an Ongoing Process

Home security is an ongoing process. You need to be mindful of your security needs at all times to stay safe when you’re at home. Eventually, it will become second nature. You’ll catch yourself arming your alarm, shutting the curtains, putting away tools, and more without giving it much thought. Then, you won’t just protect yourself. You’ll also set a great example for your loved ones to follow.