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8 Best Cell Phones for Seniors: Pros and Cons Buyers Should Know

▶ It's estimated that more than five billion in the world today have some sort of cell phone. And about half of those people use a smartphone. Those numbers are growing rapidly, especially among seniors.

There is a huge variety of smartphones available today. And each of those phones offers different features and tools. Some of these smartphones cater to the senior community, while others are meant only for the technically savvy. They come at very different prices so be sure to check out the current price of each candidate to see if it fits your budget.

When you're looking for the best cell phone for seniors, there are several considerations that you need to take into account. So, continue reading, and we'll walk you through everything you need to know.

Smartphone Features to Consider

When buying a cell phone for yourself or a senior loved one, you don't necessarily want to get the fanciest and most technological phone available. Instead, you want to get a phone that's functional and that you'll be able to make the most of. Determine your price range and then you'll be ready to go on the hunt for the ideal phone.

Read each phone's description thoroughly, there may be key features you miss and only notice them missing when you buy the phone. List everything you need on a piece of paper and for each candidate, check it against the list of apps and features you need.

Apps - Does Your Phone Need Lots Of Them?

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If you are someone who's really into using different apps and is good with a computer, then feel free to get them a top of the line iPhone or Android phone. Apps are especially useful if you are interested in furthering their education. However, if you are is just looking to make calls and send texts, you should definitely scale down.

Storage Space - Getting It Just Right

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If you or a senior relative plans on using their phone a lot for a lot of different purposes, then make sure to get them a phone with plenty of storage space. The more apps, music, photos, and videos they put onto their phone, the more space they're going to need.

Some smartphones mainly rely on internal storage and even let you use a micro SD card for extra storage space. You can also set up a plan with the cloud to allow for even more available space.

Remember that a phone's use case can change as the user discovers more features, so if you're not sure whether you'll need the storage space or not, don't go for the lowest storage phones, give it some leeway.

Contracts Vs Prepaid Phones

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You also want to consider contracts vs prepaid phones. A prepaid phone will give you a lot of freedom with what you can do with your phone and how you use it. These phones are also cheaper but they're not right for everyone.

Best Camera Characteristics

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Also, for a lot of older adults, like pretty much everyone else, a good camera can sometimes be an essential feature. If you or your senior relative wants to take a ton of photos of their grandchildren, cruise vacations, and delicious recipes, they'll probably want a high-quality camera. Cell phone cameras have really advanced over the years, but there's still a significant gap between the top of the line phones and the more basic ones.

Other Smartphone Features and Tools

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Lastly, it's best to look for a phone that was made with seniors in mind. This includes big buttons, one-touch emergency buttons, and photo address books.

Phones with large screens and hearing aid compatibilities are also usually a positive to look for.


Durability - Honorable Mention but Not Really a Feature

Durability is not really a feature, and it's not listed in any of your regular phone's description sheets (also called spec sheets). But for the elderly user it is definitely something to consider. If you can, ask around or search online for reviews on durability for the phone you picked as the ideal candidate.

You definitely do not want something that bends or breaks easily, or a smartphone that can't handle a drop from a couple of feet. Now that we know what to look for, let's go over some of the best cell phones for seniors.


1. Jitterbug Smart2 - Simple, Easy, It Just Works!

Jitterbug is one of the most well-known cell phone models around. Distributed by GreatCall, the Jitterbug Smart2 is publicized as the "simplest smartphone ever." This is a smartphone that specifically caters to seniors who are technologically limited.

First off, this phone comes with simplified and pared down options. The smartphone has big, easy-to-read icons and buttons. These icons list the essential functions of the phone without any of those extraneous bells and whistles that can confuse and distract new users.

The Jitterbug Smart2's 5.5-inch large touchscreen is easy to read. Also, the text and icons are set to a large size as the default setting.

Do you or a loved one find it difficult to write emails or texts with just their thumbs? If so, no need to worry here! This phone gives you a voice typing option so you can tell it what you want to write.

Simply click on the voice typing option and talk to your phone. You can then watch as it converts your words into text which you can review and then send.

The Smart2 also comes with 5Star Urgent Response. If your senior ends up having an emergency, they can push the 5Star icon at any point and will quickly be connected with an agent who can get them help.

This phone has other safety and health features as well, including brain games, daily health tips, check-in calls, and more. It's also hearing aid compatible. If you or a loved one is "aging in place" or perhaps in an assisted living community these kinds of features can help with boredom and communication.

2. Huawei Mate 10 Pro - Great Screen and Usability at a Decent Price

Huawei is a cell phone manufacturer that's becoming increasingly popular. The Mate 10's screen is especially big, coming in at six inches long.

If you have a difficult time seeing and watching videos, this phone could be perfect for them. It's more on the techy side but is fairly easy to use.

While it doesn't come with large text as default, you can always make it bigger. Another great quality of this phone is that it's not only water-resistant but also drop-resistant. So while you should definitely get a case for the phone, you don't have to be worried if it gets dropped.

Another huge benefit is that it charges super quickly. In fact, just plug this phone in for twenty minutes and it will last you the whole day.

The phone also comes with a high-quality dual Leica camera and 128 GB of internal storage space.

(Please note:  The US Government has concerns with Huawei and its operations in the USA.  We are not an expert in this area.)

3. iPhone XR - A Solid Contestant From Apple

Do you want only the best for yourself or a senior loved one? It's hard to do much better than the iPhone XR. It's one of the most modern, sleekest phones around.

The XR is also the most affordable of its series and is used as a bridge between the iPhone 8 and the latest iPhones. Affordability is especially for seniors who are trying to make sure that they're ready for retirement.

iPhones have been praised for years for being easy to use and of exceptional quality. Another reason to consider getting an iPhone is that they're extremely popular. If the user ever finds themself in a restaurant or friend's house without a charger, there's a good chance that someone else's iPhone charger isn't far away.

If you use an iPad, then they can seamlessly integrate between their Apple devices too.

This iPhone model comes with a 6.1-inch touchscreen display and uses the latest operating system available. It also comes with a powerful 12 MP rear-facing camera.

Another great feature of the iPhone XR is that it comes in a variety of color options. It's certainly one of the least dull smartphones around. And by making your phone a bright red or vibrant yellow, it will be easier to find when it slips through a crease in the couch or under a chair.

4. Samsung Galaxy S10e - The Classic, But Better

Samsung's One User Interface is an easy-to-view operating system which can be great for seniors. Among Samsung Galaxies S10 phones, the S10e is the most affordable option and still comes with helpful features.

The phone's touchscreen is big at 5.8 inches, yet it's still small enough to fit in a pocket or in one hand. This model is also equipped with a fingerprint sensor on the side of the phone that makes it easier to use than the in-screen sensors.

You can also plug wired headphones into the 3.5mm headphone jack. And the battery should last the user throughout the day.

The phone also uses the Snapdragon 855 processor, which means its extremely responsive and fast.

5. Motorola Moto e⁴ Plus - The Trusty Motorola We All Remember

Motorola designed the Moto e⁴ Plus to be simple yet powerful. This makes it great for seniors or older adults who are looking to send text messages, browse the internet, and take photos.

This phone has one of the biggest batteries around. When you charge it to full capacities, it can last you up to two days.

The big HD touchscreen display comes in at 5.5 inches and makes it easy to see emails, photos, text messages, and news articles. You can also get the display exterior in different colors, including gold, gray, and black.

The fingerprint sensor lets you log in even if you've forgotten your password. Also, the camera comes with a 13 MP autofocus camera, making it even more impressive than the iPhone XR. It also comes with a front-facing 5 MP camera that you can use for taking selfies or video chatting with friends and family.

6. Samsung Galaxy Note9 - A High-Tech Cell Phone For The Tech-savvy Senior

The Samsung Galaxy Note9, like the iPhone, is a very high-tech and sought after smartphone. What makes this particular cell phone so useful to older adults is that you can use it in very simple ways while still keeping all of its power.

It's perfect for any tech-savvy seniors but it's even good for seniors who aren't as comfortable with the latest technology.

The battery on this phone will last you all day on a single, full charge. It's great for people who are always out and about or who forget to charge their phones frequently. Just plug it in at night, and then use it throughout the day without worrying.

With a touchscreen display that comes in at 6.4 inches, the Galaxy Note9 has the largest display of any Samsung phone. Seniors with poor eyesight will love the big screen and large text.

Another cool feature is that it comes with an S-Pen option. If you want, you can use your fingers to navigate the phone. However, this phone also comes with a chargeable stylus, known as the S-Pen.

This makes using your phone even more manageable, and it allows you to write notes too! You will soon be writing your grocery or shopping list and storing it in your phone in no time.

7. Unnecto Air Senior Phone - A Smartphone With A Purpose

As the name implies, this smartphone is meant specifically for seniors. First off, you can get either a 4.5-inch or 5.5-inch version. Also, it's worth mentioning that everything in this phone has been simplified to make it as easy and functional as possible.

You get large, long-touch buttons and icons. A long-touch button is one that you have to press longer than normal in order to ensure that the button you touch is the one you meant to select. This is especially useful in critical situations such as a health emergency) where you can't let the phone interpret a light touch or accidental swipe as something that wasn't intended.

There's also a Family Member SOS option. You can program the smartphone so that it will quickly call a specific contact. All you have to do is press and hold down on a specific button and the Family Member SOS option will be activated.

Lastly, the phone comes with an optional but useful feature known as GEO fencing. With this feature, you can set a certain GPS area (for example, around your retirement community). The phone will then notify an emergency contact if the phone leaves or enters that area.

This is a great way to keep tabs on seniors who might wander off or get lost. This could be a great solution for a loved one who has been diagnosed with memory care issues or dementia.

8. ZenFone 3 Zoom - For the Photo Enthusiasts

If you have a passion for photography, the ZenFone 3 Zoom may be just what they need. This cell phone does come with more bells and whistles than other senior-minded phones, but you can also program it to be more simplistic.

The camera on this phone is actually able to switch between two different lenses in order to take the most high-quality photos. All you have to do is press a button.

The wide lens is best for low-light environments while the optical zoom lens works best when taking close-up shots from far away. A phone like this is great for a senior who likes to take a lot of vacations.

The battery can also last up to two days on a single charge. And even more impressive, it can go from low battery to full in just one ten-minute charge!

Which of the Best Cell Phones for Seniors Will You Get?

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As we can see, there are a lot of options when looking for the best cell phones for seniors. Because of this, it's so important that you take all of the features of the phone you want into consideration. Hopefully this article helped you with research and getting to know the ins and outs of what the best cell phone would be for you or an older adult in your life.

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