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Armour Oaks Senior Living Community in Kansas City, Missouri – Kansas City's oldest continuous operating Not-For-Profit entity - is located in the eclectic Waldo neighborhood. This historic senior living community, just 15 minutes from the famous Country Club Plaza, offers an unique urban oasis with all levels of care, acres of beautifully landscaped grounds and a service minded staff to meet the unique needs of each one of our residents.

Settle into a community that understands your needs and supports your lifestyle at Armour Oaks Senior Living Community.At Armour Oaks Senior Living Community, we offer more than superb senior living services. We have a team dedicated to your care and wellbeing.

Let us take small daily tasks off your hands so you have time to do the things you love most, whether that’s gathering with friends and neighbors or spending reflective time in quiet comfort.

Live life enriched at Armour Oaks Senior Living Community. Our Kansas City, Missouri, senior living community offers a range of living options to provide as much or as little assistance as you need. Choose from Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Skilled Nursing to get the right level of support from our caring, expert team. We are committed to serving our residents in a way that provides comfort and fulfillment.

It takes more than beautiful, comfortable quarters for you or your loved one to feel at home. At Armour Oaks Senior Living Community, we provide an array of services and amenities to complement your lifestyle. Residents in our senior living community have plenty of options when it comes to having fun, getting social, and staying active. Simply feeling supported in everyday tasks can help you feel more encouraged to partake in life’s extras.

At Armour Oaks Senior Living Community in Kansas City, Missouri you have boundless opportunities to create the lifestyle you want. The staff at Armour Oaks will not only make your move into your new home as seamless as possible, they will also strive to cultivate a rich and engaging lifestyle for you. Hobbies? Passions? Social groups? Let us know we would love to help you continue those traditions here.

Armour Oaks is dedicated to providing a secure, homelike environment where seniors can live with dignity and independence while receiving the very best in personalized health and social services to meet their needs. The staff and Board of Directors share a commitment to the person-centered approach to senior care without regard to race, national origin, gender, age, handicap, disability or religious belief.

We are confident that when you choose Armour Oaks as your new home for Kansas City senior living you will experience the same quality of care that our seniors have received for decades.

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Video Transcript

Title: Armour Oaks web ad
Time: 4 min 18 sec


This is a web ad I put together for Armour Oaks Senior Living Community in Waldo, KCMO. I got the raw video (clearly shot on iPhones) from an old acquaintance who works there. Edited with Premier Pro.


I was very familiar with the territory in fact I've been over here on the ground several times for different functions that armor oaks had such as ice cream parties and so forth people are sort of registered and I have found that is at home here My partner is Ruby and I kept clean not enjoy it and one of the really nice things about the living here is you have your own individual washer and dryer now going down the hall no waiting for somebody else to get through you do it what do you want I'm tell us about your lessons with the piano well there's there nine students range from a kindergartner to a senior in high school and they love to come I love to have a mess that's my day with your hair I mean item otherwise I hurt all the time but when they're here I'm just enjoyed a heavy lemon I love it so that's the life the I give this number one bible study I keep up my end employment Debbie and I walked in and I saw the beautiful furniture they corn I thought like this and Debbie said started talking I said can I have a tour oh this full-sized kitchen & 0 and close to everything there's doctors they're just grocery stores everything nearby and a bus that goes by it'd be better but it proved it for establishing like this I take therapy several days a week and feel that it helps me hopefully to get out of the wheelchair visit a bit of living to be able to get around with your Walker let's not get your point I love it there the fact that if you want to go talk to people bit around them you can do that and if you don't feel well then you can come to your apartment of your own and not be around anybody to of course I was very depressed when I came here because I didn't really didn't want to be here um but she helped me through a period of depression and I finally adjusted to being here and have learned to like it very much I like armor oaks because of food is good and people leave me alone and uh I'm very comfortable here no no well thank you I'm sorry I don't remember that's okay get older we can't remember thanks Ken of course you're not over we thank the folks that run this place for taking care of us and we have just had a wonderful experience in here hope anyone who sees this who has not known about our ropes would investigate now see how wonderful it is I like your energy carrier we were just spelling little bit soon as we came because of the way it looked and the people involved in the people of residents how friendly they were hi Minnie you want to be in the video what do you think about armor oaks

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