Bellamy Fields

Dover, NH - Assisted Living

Community size: Large (26-100)

The mission of Bellamy and Watson Fields is to minimize the impact and slow the progression of degenerative dementia diseases (Alzheimer’s and others) and other chronic conditions of aging.By doing so, the quality of the residents’ life is enhanced, family bonds are prolonged and new relationships are formed.

Our vision involves developing the space in the healthcare system where acute care has less curative potential as chronic conditions increase. Then, by offering families realistic opportunities to manage chronic conditions with the goal of enhanced quality of life for their elders, the health care and family systems become partners in successful aging.

While there are some single rooms at the facilities, most of the accommodations consist of semi-private rooms in which the interactions between roommates are powerful social forces to maintain cognitive stimulation and preserve emotional functioning during the course of Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders. Being alone is simply not good for people with Alzheimer’s. Much of the scientific research about Alzheimer’s emphasizes social interactions and cognitive stimulation. Roommates interact with each other, stimulate one another, and develop friendships.

Our “outcome measures” are improved quality of life, decreased disability during the end of life care and smooth transitions from acute care to end-stage care (hospice) for residents and families. The indicators of improvement include active participation in group activities, selective involvement in cognitive preservation activities and satisfaction reports from family and/or significant others.

The licensed/certified staff will work with the owner and administrators to revise the programming, maintaining some activities, eliminating some and adding others.The overall goal is a cohesive, research and practice-based approach to memory, mood, movement, and medical syndromes. There will be individualized activities, small group, and large group opportunities.

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