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Clement Manor's services and living options are designed to meet the changing health needs of individuals and to provide support for care partners. Our beautiful campus consists of short and long-term skilled nursing, in-house therapy, assisted living, and independent apartments. Additional services include an adult day program, early memory loss program, and community outreach efforts. Combined with our dedicated staff, serene chapel, hair salon, and Life Long Learning classes, Clement Manor's living and care options are a supreme choice. Soon, you'll be feeling right at home!

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Video Transcript

Title: Clement Manor Life Enriched
Time: 6 min 20 sec


Come see how lives are enriched every day at Clement Manor.


my grandpa came from Austria and every summer I spent with him and he would drag me out there in the morning and we would work in the garden and I said one thing I will never be in a garden when I grow up and Here I am surrounded by five of them at Clement Manor and loving it every minute it wasn't in my plan many of us hope our lives will always be the same that wasn't happening with me my husband became ill and because clement manor has three levels of care i moved here with him it was a wonderful year and i still love it as much as the day I moved in common Manor is a continuum of care which is sponsored by the school Sisters of st. Francis we've been here over 30 years and we provide care for people who want to live in an independent apartment assisted living also our nursing care units including rehab we also have adult day services and we have a center for enrichment that the community is invited to be a part of it's funny because when I lived in Bayfield my husband my husband worked seven days a week at the orchard so we never socialized because he was always working we just possibly liked each other a lot and I was worried that people would impinge on my existence and instead I become more active than I've ever been in my entire life one of the things that we truly have as a vision is to be a life enriched community and that includes all of our residents and our staff and that means we want everyone to continue growing and learning living life fully every single day being my age doesn't have to be a negative it can be wonderful and exciting and a great learning time I look back after I was here for a couple months and I thought my gosh is your life changed and I'm happy about it this is my home I sold my home and I came here and it's been wonderful I love it here I have a master's degree and I thought well what do I need to take classes about and then the brochure came and they had so many interesting things I like the and the heats are wonderful here we even have a wonderful rainbow restaurant we had am an Oktoberfest dinner and there was a man singing with an accordion but they brought people over from assisted living and these people are in wheelchairs and walkers you know all that stuff and there was Kim sitting at a tape this always makes me cry she was sitting at a table with some of those people and she was feeding one of the residents so kindly and so gently putting the coffee cup up to her lips I thought this is Clement Manor this is the way it is people help each other so the relationship that I try to build is to find out what they're interested in and what is bringing them to Clement manner so that I can then focus what would be interesting for them and to make them feel at ease you know this is not a this is not an easy decision I congratulate them for coming to take a look at Clement Manor you know coming from their home of many years it's a big step we bring a loved one to a facility and there's fears people I do live here many of them are going through a lot of difficulties maybe with their help or having lost a loved one like I did and they just seem to help you get over it everybody is so wonderful and so warm and in fact and I brought mine the first day here Latta hugs and that was very comforting it felt very welcoming to come here when I first came here I felt it right away it's love they love to take care of you they love what they're doing let's start with what health care is all about it's taking care of loved ones and you have it here it's evident I mean that's the word of mouth that caught a lot of people I can't say enough about the music and memories program because music truly has brought life back to mom that's priceless I love going to mass here them the chapel is lovely I love the way the priest says Mass the chaplain Alice the chaplain she's wonderful if you have anything you want we want to discuss you just go see her he's wonderful lady we are very faith-based but not religious based the spiritual aspect of the elderly is such an important component of everything that we do [Music] I knew it was time to make a change and that's what we have to do is do our research and realize that you pick the place that fits you best and for climate manner that fits me they have chair Taichi and I actually would like to do that but I conflicts with my Wii bowling that's what I mean I live this quiet life and they feel them stop figure I'm doing something all the time [Music] you

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