Attic Angel Prairie Point

Madison, WI - Assisted Living, Nursing Home, Independent Living, CCRC

Magic happens when you're free of worry. Our 123 ranch-styles homes offer the best in spacious, independent living with supportive services.

Prairie Point is a quiet, prairie-style neighborhood governed by an active resident association that welcomes involvement and fosters socialization. Our homes are smoke-free for the benefit of all residents and visitors, and approved pets are welcome as you make your new house a happy home!

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Video Transcript

Title: Living at Attic Angel
Time: 2 min 20 sec




it was like deciding to come home I've met a lot of good friends. I enjoy it so much. there was a comfort level just a good feeling we discovered attic angel as a result of doing a variety of research on different places to live across the country we have found it will not only knowledgeable was very friendly very welcoming and respect for one's intellect. and a respect for one's place in life in terms of the journey that were on let me tell you about something that's truly unique and that is the wonderful volunteers they treat us like Queens and Kings. They are called the Angels for obvious reasons and they are that. I have wonderful opportunities for wellness there are activities that keep my brain going and activities that keep my body away I feel safe here that's a big thing for someone in my age group to feel absolutely safe at night daytime morning Pat and the nurses here on call day and United I appreciate that so much and have used their it's important to have everything under one roof because I'm Parkinson's disease for me to go to physical therapy or to go to an exercise class then I constantly be having to have someone take me there if Bobby golfing i can go to the cafe in herself and lunch with somebody I'm not stuck in and it's a good feeling of freedom which is comforting for me because I help when I can but if i'm gone i know that help is not absolutely when this campus was built it was built with a lot in mind whether that shopping or restaurants or healthcare it's all available definitely feel that it's it's home

Video Transcript

Title: Buzzed Into Madison with Attic Angels Fabulous Food Service
Time: 2 min 6 sec


WISC-TV’s exclusive Buzzed Into Madison starring Emmy Fink and Attic Angel Communities Fabulous Food Services!! The food is delicious and the catering they offer is wonderful.


nothing brings people together like good food and lucky for me I get to play a chef that's right chef Emme at your service [Music] we are back at attic angel community and boy oh boy does it smell good something is cooking up and it smells amazing allow me to introduce Sheila who is the director of food service now explain how you make this facility a 5-star facility when it comes to food we really work with the residents and make sure that the products that we're preparing is what they would like we ask for different recipes that they used to make we include those in a five week cycle menu and we have special many special events that they enjoy catering for their friends and family we've lived here just one year and in the course of a year there's there's birthdays there's anniversaries there's special holidays and we have taken advantage of all of them through the catering service here at attic angels and we've never been unhappy never Marian you would like to come down and frequent the dining room quite often what do you love most that they serve well first of all I love the sociability of coming down with the people because you know it's fun to have dinner with somebody yeah and the variety of colors of the food that a placed in front of us are very beautiful and you have quite the talented staff that make this happen three times every single day tell us about them we have very qualified staff I have very talented people that have their expertise in baking or homemade pies or cooking we have such a variety of staff that we really use their talents I'm anything you [Music]

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