downsizing services for seniors

Why Seniors Need Downsizing Services

Downsizing can be an extremely stressful process. Imagine moving from a home you've been in for decades and raised a family in to a brand new place with a fraction of the space. This requires making tough and emotional decisions about which possessions to keep, sell, donate, throw out, or give to your family members. Sorting and moving everything also takes a physical toll and some seniors may not be physically healthy enough to get the task done successfully. Some people may not know that downsizing professionals exist and are there to help to make this process less stressful. Keep reading to find out why seniors make the perfect customers.

They Own Lots of Stuff

Most seniors have lived in their homes for decades. If they haven't live in the same house for a long time, they still have acquired physical possessions over many years. This may be overwhelming for them to go through especially if they raised a family and have some left over possessions of theirs too.

They're Going Through A Lot of Emotions

Having to move to a senior living community is a huge change in anyone's life. You're sharing a space with other people and relying on others to assist you in day to day life. That alone might be enough to stress an elderly person out without even thinking about going through an entire house worth of stuff. Thinking about organizing and getting rid of their belongings might be too much for them to think about while making this huge transition in their life. They may feel extremely relieved to pass the torch to a professional to take on this task.

They Might Not Be Able to Physically Do It

Downsizing is a physical and exhausting task to take on. Aging can cause certain age-related health conditions, and although seniors may want to participate in downsizing their belongings, they may not physically be able to do it. Packing, lifting boxes, climbing to high up areas, and overall sorting is difficult even for younger people. Deferring this project to professionals would take the burden off of them and prevent them from getting an injury.

They Don't Have Help

Seniors are at the age where their children themselves are grown, are starting their own independent lives, and may have moved out of state. This leaves seniors without much help nearby to go through their assets, which can be an overwhelming task to do alone or with your significant other. Hiring a downsizing company will be very beneficial to them in this case.

They Need to Move Fast

We know downsizing can take a lot of time, however some seniors may not have months to go through the process. Sometimes their health or ability to live alone might take a turn and they need assistance to safely live. This may require them to move into an assisted living facility right away, leaving them with no time to go through their personal items. 

Bottom Line

The bottom line is, seniors are a great group of people to market your downsizing services to. They need help whether it's from family or professionals who can make the process go smoothly. If you want to advertise your downsizing service for seniors, check out our Advertise With Us page and easily Sign Up.