A Beginner's Guide to Cell Phones for Seniors - Top 2020 Phones for the Elderly

October 13, 2020

▶ Nowadays, it seems like people of all ages are carrying cell phones. In fact, according to Pew Research, 91% of Americans aged 65 or older have a cell phone. And of those people, 39% of those people use a basic phone (a non-smartphone).

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How Much to Save for Retirement - All Factors Accounted For

September 29, 2020

▶ How much to save for retirement is an open-ended question.

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Considering a Senior Retirement Community? How to Sort Through Both Locations and Belongings

September 10, 2020

◉ In this blog post you will get some information on what to consider when deciding on your retirement community location. There are also some tips on ways to sort through your belongings and what items you should take with you.

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12 Best Places to Retire in Florida - Florida Retirement Guide

September 8, 2020

▶ Did you know people 65 and older make 20.9 percent of the Florida population?

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Basics of Estate Planning for Seniors

September 8, 2020

❀ Estate planning is something many older adults and seniors may be thinking of as they approach retirement or as they consider the next phase of their lives. It’s one of those subjects that not everyone knows about nor do they know if an estate plan is right for them.

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3 Mistakes to Avoid in Retirement

August 31, 2020

✤  Retirement gives you freedom, more control over your time, and time to focus on the hobbies you love. But many seniors who enter retirement do not know that they can be making costly mistakes that can tarnish the excitement of retirement. Do these top retirement mistakes apply to you?

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Weight Training for Seniors - Exercises and Safety Tips

August 25, 2020

▶ Staying active and practicing basic weight exercises as you age is critical for a long and healthy life.

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7 Ways to Recycle Better at a Senior Living Community

August 10, 2020

❀ It has been said that the current senior population have a better carbon footprint than ever before. This means that we are all doing something right. But how can we keep this trend going?

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Taxes Associated With CCRCs

July 29, 2020

◉ This article will discuss taxes that may be associated with CCRCs. Are assisted living expenses tax deductible? What portion of assisted living is tax deductible? Read on to learn more about this complex topic.

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Retirement Planning 101 - How to Make a Bulletproof Plan

July 20, 2020

▶ Picture this: Your days of working at your job are about to come to a close. Even though you've had a great career, the time has come for you to retire and enjoy your golden years. This is the moment you've been waiting for your entire life, and now it's all yours...

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