What Are Senior Rehabilitation Centers - Senior Rehab Guide

November 8, 2020

Getting older is hard work. Responsibilities grow and our bodies start to betray us the older we get. We try to stay healthy and active but common ailments are not always preventable.

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8 Factors to Consider When Discussing the Need for Assisted Living

November 6, 2020

The month of Thanksgiving. What a wonderful time of year. Family, food, friends and lots of visiting with many conversations about life. This year may be a different kind of Thanksgiving in light of the current Covid-19 crisis. Maybe your dinner table will be smaller and more intimate.

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How to Live Longer - Tips & Recommendations for Longevity

October 27, 2020

What can you do to live longer?  The average life expectancy in America is just under 79 years, but living a longer and healthier life is possible.  By taking several steps, you can develop a healthier lifestyle and increase the chances of living a long and full life.  Keep readi

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month - This includes seniors

October 14, 2020

We have reached October! What a beautiful time of year.  We hope you are able to enjoy some fall foliage, pumpkins and maybe some apple cider...yum!

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4 Best Basic Cell Phones for Seniors- A Beginners Guide to Basic Cell Phones

October 13, 2020

Nowadays, it seems like people of all ages are carrying cell phones. In fact, according to Pew Research, 91% of Americans aged 65 or older have a cell phone. And of those people, 39% of those people use a basic phone (a non-smartphone).

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How Much to Save for Retirement - All Factors Accounted For

September 29, 2020

How much to save for retirement is an open-ended question. Don't Wait to Start Planning Your Retirement You should save for retirement—and we'll go into all the reasons why later. That we should start saving for retirement from the day we receive the first paycheck from our very first job is a lesson many people learn late.

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Considering a Senior Retirement Community? How to Sort Through Both Locations and Belongings

September 10, 2020

In this blog post you will get some information on what to consider when deciding on your retirement community location. There are also some tips on ways to sort through your belongings and what items you should take with you.

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12 Best Places to Retire in Florida - Florida Retirement Guide

September 8, 2020

Did you know people 65 and older make 20.9 percent of the Florida population?

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Basics of Estate Planning for Seniors

September 8, 2020

Estate planning is something many older adults and seniors may be thinking of as they approach retirement or as they consider the next phase of their lives. It’s one of those subjects that not everyone knows about nor do they know if an estate plan is right for them.

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3 Mistakes to Avoid in Retirement

August 31, 2020

What should you not do in retirement? Retirement gives you freedom, more control over your time, and time to focus on the hobbies you love. But many seniors who enter retirement do not know that they can be making costly mistakes that can tarnish the excitement of retirement. Do these top retirement mistakes apply to you?

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