Everything You Need to Know About CCRC Campus Types

July 17, 2020

◉ This article will give information about the campuses at CCRCs. You'll learn about the names they give their buildings and campus locations.

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Finding the Right Level of Care at Your Continuing Care Retirement Community

July 8, 2020

◉ CCRCs have different levels of care available depending on what the resident needs. This article goes over the different types of care and other services CCRCs may offer, such as respite care.

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Assisted Living and the "New" Normal

July 2, 2020

❀ While we are living in a time when Covid-19 has to be a concern, folks still want to move and explore assisted living options. There are so many wonderful communities and there is certainly one out there for you or your loved one. There are many more questions to face these days beyond the norm. Some questions are:

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Making the Transition - Tips to Know Before Moving to a Continuing Care Retirement Community

June 19, 2020

◉ Residents who are interested in moving to a CCRC tend to plan ahead. This article will discuss when the best time to move into a continuing care retirement community is and tips about what to do if your CCRC of choice has a long wait list.

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Assisted Living and What Changes May Look Like in the Future

June 9, 2020

❀ Let's do some research and try to look into the future a bit when it comes to assisted living.

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As Healthcare Costs Rise, Here Is What You Need to Know about CCRCs

June 4, 2020

◆ A Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) is a living option for older adults who prefer to live independently, but want to be prepared for any possible changes in the future. CCRCs differ from other retirement community options in that they give residents the provision to increase their level of service/care as they grow older.

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Where's Your Money going? Fees You'll See at a Continuing Care Retirement Community

June 1, 2020

◉ This article discusses the fees and prices associated with living at a CCRC. There are different types of payment structures and fees to consider when picking Type A versus Type C facilities. Below will discuss what you can expect to pay for entrance fees and what happens to these fees in the future.

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Stay Safe and Keep Your Independence - Making it Happen at a Senior Housing Community

May 26, 2020

◉ This article discusses some of the safety measures retirement communities take while you live there. It also talks about the different modes of transportation available to you including using your own personal car and the campus bus.

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What Will Assisted Living Activities Look Like for Me

May 18, 2020

❀ I am sure this question has crossed the minds of everyone who has considered an Assisted Living community or any kind of senior living communities. The good news is, it looks bright and active. The days of just playing bingo and going back to your room are over.

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The Key to Feeling at Home at Your Continuing Care Retirement Community

May 15, 2020

◉ This article will go over what a typical Independent Living home is like at CCRCs. You will learn what you may or may not be able to do with the customization and personalization of your new living space. You will also learn some tips for negotiating with your CCRC for some extras.

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